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Rent a Car in Malta

Rent a Car in Malta

Malta is an archipelago and a small southern European country in the central Mediterranean. Only the three largest islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino are inhabited. A country that receives around 1.6 million tourists per year, Malta, is a great choice for spending a vacation and is very hospitable.

Malta has a rich ancient heritage comprising of 9 UNESCO world heritage sites to its name. There are some places that you must not miss on your Malta holiday.

Malta: Places To Visit With Your Hired Car

  • Valletta:

    This place is identified as a UNESCO heritage site since 1980. It has a Baroque character to it which makes it attractive for all visitors. The infrastructure, the roads, and aisles all will transport you to a different era. Driving through these when you book your car is a different experience altogether.

  • Hagar Qim and Mnajdra:

    These are two megalithic complexes that are located 500 meters apart. It is nearly 9 km away from Valletta. These are rustic looking, structures that have survived the wrath of nature and weather. They date back to nearly 3600-3200 BC.

  • Mdina:

    Among the many remarkable places that Malta offers, this silent city is located at nearly 12-13 km from Valletta. It has spectacular sites like St. Paul’s cathedral, Vilhena Palace, Mdina Dungeons, Palazzo Falson, St. Agatha’s Chapel and Bastion Square.

Besides these prominent locations, there is so much more to do in Malta when you have a car hired handy to travel around. It is home to many open-air markets, the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, and It-Tokk market in Victoria, Gozo.

With best car rental deals, you can reach about just any corner on the island. The driving is on the left side of the road. The official language is Maltese and English. Hence, all the signboards bear the same.

On your next trip to Malta, you must surely hire a car in Malta with AddCar Rental services. We have the most competitive and affordable rates to help you plan a budget trip without burning a hole in your pocket. Our pickup locations are also convenient and easy to approach. You can rent your car directly from Malta International airport. We offer the most premium class of vehicles.

No matter how big or small in the number you are, we got a rental car for you. We focus our attention on maintaining hygiene and the cleanliness of cars we deliver to you. A complete examination of all the parts of the car is carried out to avoid any problems during your drive through Malta.

So, plan the perfect vacation to Malta by booking online today!

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