addCar International is searching for a director business development

AddCar International is a franchise for car rental with franchisees in 18 countries with more than 40 locations. Our mission is to create value for our franchisees, by developing sales channels, optimizing rates, suggesting sales campaigns, improving service quality and find new innovative marketing tools. It also entails constantly development of the infrastructure and IT platform enabling franchisees to reach a greater audience with a seamless booking and payment flow.

The franchise solution enables the franchisees to entirely focus on the operation of the car rental outlet and leave administration, call center, web site, commercial matters and payment to addCar.

We are now looking for a person who can further develop the offering and value to the franchisees. This person must increase the number of franchisees to cover all of Europe and North America, increase the value of the franchise for the existing franchisees and continuously improve the technical platform.

The person we are looking for must have extensive knowledge in these fields:
bulletknowledge about car rental soft ware
bulletbe very good at social media, SEO and CRO
bullethave experience working multinationally
bulletmany of our applications are made in Excel, so VBA programming and extensive and deep knowledge of this is important.
bulletwords like xml, multi-channel marketing, SEO, CRO, rate optimization must be very familiar.

This does not mean the candidate must be able to program him/herself as we have development company in India and Belarus, but must be able to freely valuate their work and initiate new projects. 

The ideal candidate has several years’ experience working with either a car rental broker and OTA or has similar experience working with on-line sales and is familiar with all elements of working with franchisees.

Not all work is commercial and technical development. There are daily routines like answering dissatisfied customers, paying bills etc., which take up at least 30% of the time.

You must work from home but be able to travel freely. 

Please send your resume to Kristian@ by February 1.  

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