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29 Countries

Beautiful destinations in
Europe and the Americas.

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We got you insured in case of
theft, accident, or collision.

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Easy, flexible, and hassle-
free cancellation options.

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24/7 Support

Easy replacement and
24/7 support help desk.

Our Locations

Always expanding and now operating in 29 countries to propose car rental in Europe and the Americas, addCar offers you the most beautiful destinations and places, whether on vacation or on a business trip.
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Sunny Trips
For those who prefer white-sand beaches under the tropical sun.
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Business Trips
When renting a car for your business travel, take it straight to the airport.
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Historical Locations
For history fans wishing to discover medieval cities with unique architecture..
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Snowy Destinations
For enthusiasts of snowy winters who are looking for a cozy chalet.


As one of the cheapest rental companies, addCar is the best deal you will ever find for your car rental budget. With its renowned expertise, the enterprise is, first and foremost, a wide range of vehicles adapted to all your needs.