What is it like visiting Vienna in winter?

Planning a winter holiday in Vienna? Car rental is an easy way to experience as much as possible

Gear up with warm clothes and get ready for a magical winter holiday in Vienna, Austria. The beautiful city can be cold but you can get warm again at the traditional Viennese cafés, at a museum, the opera – or maybe by ice skating or walking in snow covered woods nearby.  

Benefits of Low Season in Vienna

Winter is normally the low season in Vienna from November to February – except for Christmas, New Year and local holidays. To mention a few of the benefits of visiting Vienna in the low season could be fewer crowds. Less tourists will allow you to explore popular attractions with more ease. Accommodation prices and airfares may be lower during the low season, which makes it a budget-friendly time to visit. You might also find discounted rates for performances and tours.

Advice for Visiting Vienna in Winter

Embrace the winter and enjoy the beauty of the city. Or hire a rental car and go on a day trip beyond the city to the nearby mountains. Here are 5 tips for things to do in Vienna in winter.

Ice Skating:

Many places in Vienna set up temporary ice skating rinks during the winter months. The Vienna Ice World (Wiener Eistraum) in front of City Hall is particularly popular. It offers a large skating area surrounded by stunning architecture.

Vienna's Museums and Palaces:

Warm up indoors by exploring Vienna's world-class museums and palaces. The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Belvedere Palace, and the Albertina Museum are just a few examples. These cultural sites offer a chance to appreciate art and history while staying cozy.

Indulge in Viennese Coffee Culture:

Vienna is famous for its coffee culture. Warm up in one of the city's historic coffeehouses and try traditional Viennese coffee specialties like Melange or Einspänner. Pair your coffee with a slice of Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel.

Vienna Woods (Wienerwald):

Take a winter walk in the Vienna Woods, a beautiful forested area on the outskirts of the city. The snow-covered landscape adds a serene and picturesque quality to the surroundings.

Vienna State Opera:

Attend a performance at the Vienna State Opera. The opera season is in full swing during the winter months, and it's a fantastic opportunity to experience the grandeur of this renowned institution.

Historical tour of Vienna

Take a stroll through Vienna's history on a winter walking tour that shows off the city's culture against the backdrop of the winter season. Start at Stephansplatz, the historic center, where you can see the impressive St. Stephen's Cathedral. Walk along the narrow cobblestone streets with your guide sharing stories about landmarks like the Hofburg Palace and the Vienna State Opera. Wander through the Inner Stadt's alleys, admiring the snow-covered Baroque facades. Learn about the Habsburg dynasty's history, and maybe discover hidden spots like Griechenbeisl, Vienna's oldest restaurant. Enjoy the winter vibes in Vienna as you explore its historical treasures on this walking tour, discovering a new piece of the city's past with each step.

Is it Better to Rent a Car in Vienna or Public Transport?

While Vienna's public transportation is superb, renting a car in winter opens up a world of scenic exploration beyond the city limits. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with winter tires for safety on snow-covered roads. With addCar Rental you can hire the vehicle that fits your needs in regards to number of seats, budget car, SUV, manual or automatic shift. Just be prepared for varying weather conditions, and relish the freedom of discovering Austria's winter wonders at your own pace. Bring your driver’s license and a credit card for the deposit payment and you are ready to go.


Vienna in winter is beautiful whether you stay and enjoy what the city has to offer. Or whether you rent a car and take day trips out of town to the snow covered mountains. Either way – remember to pack warm clothes and you can look forward to a magical holiday.