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Car Hire with Cross Border Travelling

You have decided to rent a car in Europe. You may be wondering if you can cross borders in a rental car. Some car hire companies allow you to do so, and others do not. In this article, addCar will explain everything you need to know about international driving in Europe with your rental car.

Cross-Border Travel in Europe

The idea of international travel in Europe boils down to insurance rates, applicable cross-border fees, drop-off locations and car mileages. Sometimes you might need additional documents such as international driving permits. When you want to drive your vehicle to another country, you should mention this to the rental company beforehand. There is a separate hire agreement for international traveling compared to regular traveling. Not all car hire companies allow you to drive your rental vehicle in mainland Europe, but addCar does allow it. We are a global company with branches in many locations, and we have helped many customers with their cross-country car hire needs. Our branches are in mainland Europe and mostly at airports. If you are looking for a car hire with a cross-border permit, reach us at +46101994126.

What documents do I need for cross-border traveling?

You must have your driving license, an international driving permit, insurance and most importantly, a valid credit card. If there is an emergency, you do not want to be stuck with a debit card as it will require charge approval. A credit card would bypass these issues.

You must review the terms and conditions of the agreement and discuss the appropriate coverage you wish to purchase. You might need to pay extra security deposits depending on the driver's age and the country where you will travel. You also need to know that different countries have different age requirements for drivers. This might be an issue for young drivers, as you might be allowed to drive in one country and might not be allowed to drive in another country.

Best ways to save on cross-border rental cars

Our company will allow you to travel in Europe at budget prices, and we always have rental car savings and offer cheap rentals. Sign up for the addCar newsletter to access special offers on rental car savings. addCar is the place to go for your cross-border car rental needs.


1. Can you drive a rental car cross-country?

With addCar, you can. Just check beforehand if you need a cross-border hire agreement.

2. What happens if I drive the rental car across borders without notice?

You will be charged high fees, and if anything happens to the car and it is not insured, you will be fully liable for the damage

3.What do I need to get a cross-border car rental

You need your driving license,your ID or passport, and a credit card on file. Sometimes you might need an international driving permit with international insurance.

4. How can I avoid additional car rental fees?

You can avoid some fees by using credit card benefits. Some credit cards will offer free insurance on your car hire. You can also save money on your rental car by subscribing to the newsletters of rental agencies. You can sign up for addCar newsletter here so that you will always be the first to be informed when there are new deals

Renting a car to drive cross country is an amazing adventure and will create amazing memories. addCar is here to facilitate this experience for you and to offer the budget prices for your car rental. We are available at major European airports and are one phone call away. With us, you can bring your car rental across Europe, and we are available 24/7 you help you with any questions that you might have. addCar is the most reliable Europcar hire you can book if you visit European countries.