6 Ways to save money on car rentals

There are many ways to save money on rental cars. Most have to do with proper management and booking at the right time. There are no tricks up the sleeve that you can pull at the last minute to cut corners. We at addCar specialize in car rentals, so we have created this blog to help you save money on your Europe car hire.

How to save money on a car rental?

Rental car companies charge prices based on market supply, demand, and extra features you might need. Knowing these facts and making travel arrangements can help you find the best possible deals. Renting cars should have a strategy behind it, and the goal is to save money on different features of the rental car. You can save money on your car rental car by doing the following things:

1. Booking Early

Booking three months prior will help you get the best deals on your car rental. You can still get last-minute deals by booking with addCar.

2. Time the rental period accordingly

. Booking in the morning or the evening on weekends saves you money as there is less demand on those timeslots. The best days to rent a car are Friday evening and Saturday morning. You can save money on car rentals if you book three months ahead of the weekend, as there is usually less car demand in such a timeframe.

3. Choosing the right car

Booking an economical car with a manual transmission that runs on gas is a fantastic hack to save money. These cars do not consume a lot of fuel and hence allow for bargain deals. A budget car will allow you to save money on your car rental, especially if you book from a reliable car rental agency such as addCar

4. Use Credit card car insurance

Rental car insurance costs, and depending on the country, you might need additional insurance. Depending on the driver's age, you might also be forced to buy additional auto insurance. Therefore, we suggest checking your credit card to see if rental car insurance is included. You can quickly waive insurance fees if you use your credit card's rewards correctly.

5. Buy extra features only if needed

Extra features can rack up your bill. You pay extra for each feature, such as child seats, additional drivers, etc. See if you can figure out these extra features to avoid increasing your base fee.

6. Subscribe to newsletters and use coupons

Subscribing to car rental companies' newsletters and social media pages is a great way to save. They list coupons and special promotions. You can use these to snatch the latest offers. It doesn't cost anything to subscribe to a newsletter, so go ahead, sign up and enjoy your rental car savings

Where to find cheap budget car rentals

The best way to save money on rental cars is to choose the right car rental company. There are many rental agencies in the market, but we suggest checking out addCar. They have reliable service, are available 24/7, have clean cars, and, most importantly, offer the lowest prices on the market. They are available in most European airports, and you can contact them anytime. You can find out everything about your car rental information by calling this number: ++46101994126. You will see significant savings if you book with addCar, as they are a global company and understand the rental market very well. You can get more rental car savings if you subscribe for free to their newsletter. This way, you will get special coupons and be the first to be notified of bargain deals. You can book their services online as they are available 24/7.


1.How can I save money on car rentals?

You can save money by booking the car in advance, using newsletter promos, and booking the car early in the morning on the weekend.

2.How to avoid extra car rental fees?

See if you can get promotions from newsletters or coupon web pages. These promos offer savings and allow you to save money on your car rental

3.Where to find budget rental cars?

addCar has the cheapest daily rentals in Europe. You can find amazing rental car savings and cost-effective deals if you book with us online. addCar is the best Europcar hire agency in the market, and we are here for you 24/7.

4. What do I need to rent out a car?

You need a driver's license an ID or Passport, a credit card on file and coverage. You might be required to have an international driving license for some countries