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How to rent a car in Bulgaria?

How to rent a car in Bulgaria?

You have finally reached Bulgaria to enjoy the Black Sea and the Balkan mountain ranges. Well, don't stop now and hire a car to explore this beautiful country. With addCar rental, you will know everything there is to know about car rental while enjoying a wide choice of vehicles suitable for your trip. 

Requirement and pro tips for car hire in Bulgaria 
The minimum age to rent a car in Bulgaria is 20 years. In addition, the driver must own his license for at least one year. Finally, if you have a driver's license from an EU member state or a country that has ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, it is valid throughout the country. For other countries, a valid international driving license will be required.

Types of cars for renting in Bulgaria

Because with addCar rental, we adapt to any type of request, enjoy a wide choice of vehicles with 19 vehicles at your disposal. This includes different models of compact, Family, Van, SUV, and also luxury cars. For your comfort, most of our models are automatic, although we also have manual cars. For more information, check out our list of available cars in Bulgaria.

Where to find cheap car rental in Bulgaria 
Although most of our local offices are located in the major Bulgarian airports, you can rent a car in Sofia airport, Burgas, and Varna, we are also located in Sunny Beach city. The list of our different locations is available below. Feel free to contact us to know more about the price and the car rental conditions depending on the city where you are located.

Best tips for renting a car in Bulgaria

Car rental in Bulgaria is very common. Today, many tourists hire a car to visit the country because the prices are relatively attractive. However, the price can vary greatly due to the wide choice of car models. Finally, don't forget that Bulgaria is a rather mountainous country, that's why it is advised to drive an automatic for more comfort. 


FAQs about renting a car in Bulgaria

What are the cleaning conditions in Bulgaria car rental companies to control the spread of COVID-19? 

Given the particular situation of the covid pandemic, addCar rental has also had to adapt to protect the consumer. To learn more about the cleaning conditions, we advise you to contact our offices directly in the countries concerned.

Is it expensive to rent a car in Bulgaria?

Our company has a wide range of vehicles to offer you the best service. Thus the prices can vary from 13? per day for a compact model to 50? for an SUV or Van. For the payment, addCar requires only a credit card.

The most popular rental car in Bulgaria 
There is not really a popular car rental in Bulgaria, and it depends on your budget or how much money you are willing to spend. 

Find car rentals near me in Bulgaria

All our offices are available online. You can find the list of our locations down below.

Where could I rent a car in Bulgaria? 
Most of our offices are located at the airports of the main cities in the national territory. We also have an office in Sunny Beach city. 
What is the price to rent a car for a week in Bulgaria? 
If you want to drive to Bulgaria for a week, the cost of the rental will be between 90? and 350?. 
Is it expensive to rent a long-term car for a month in Bulgaria? 
A month's rental varies enormously depending on the model you choose. Your budget will be from 370? for an eco model and up to 1400? for SUV models. 
At what age can you rent a car in Bulgaria? 
If you wish to rent a car in Bulgaria, you should be at least 20 years old. 
What are the speed limits in Bulgaria? 

The speed limit in residential and urban areas is 50km/h. Main roads are limited to 90km/h. The maximum speed is 120km/h when you drive on expressways and 140km/h on motorways.

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