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Top 6 European Destinations to Visit in 2018

6 European Destinations

If you’re planning to travel to Europe in 2018, try taking the offbeat path for your vacation and exploring destinations that are uncommon yet exquisite nonetheless. After all, it is these hidden pockets that are home to the quintessential European vacation flavor that you’re after. So before you go packing your bags, take a look at the top 6 European destinations that you should be visiting in 2018:

1. Rovaniemi (Finland):

This city in northern Finland is considered as the official hometown of Santa Claus. Because of its remote location on the Arctic circle, this city also affords great opportunities for viewing the spectacular Northern Lights. This snowy town is a gateway to the Arctic region and looks like a picture-perfect town out of a fairy tale.

2. Santorini (Greece):

If there was only one Greek island that you could visit, make it Santorini. Once almost completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption, the island stands tall and proud today boasting of panoramic views from multicolored cliffs, stunning architecture, volcanic sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, gourmet wine industry, and more. July and August are the peak tourist months.

3. Bucharest (Romania):

Ever wondered how the combination of ancient and contemporary could look like? Bucharest will satisfy all your inquisitiveness. This capital of Romania has a lot of cultural and historical significance attached to it. You just can’t miss visiting the Palace of the Parliament, Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, and National Museum of Romanian History when in the city.

4. Tartu (Estonia):

Visit the spiritual and intellectual capital of Estonia, Tartu. Even though it’s the 2nd largest city in Estonia, it’ still very compact in size meaning that you’ll find much of the attraction sights, nightlife activities and eateries within short distances of each other. Great place if you want to enjoy a nice, quiet and relaxed short vacation.

5. Kraków (Poland):

Kraków city traces its origins to 7th century which makes it one of the oldest cities of Poland. Given its ancient status, there is certain mystical and alluring air about the city. The European Union named the city European Capital of Culture for the 2000 year. Kraków has abundance of museums, theaters, national art galleries, and music venues to allow tourists to indulge in rich European culture.

6. Sofia (Bulgaria):

Bulgaria is most noted for its extensive Black Sea coastline, that’s home to exotic beaches, quaint fishing villages, and ancient sites. Start exploring this wondrous country by visiting its beautiful capital city, Sofia. Sofia had been named as the most affordable capital city to visit in Europe for the year 2013. It’s not your typical metro city, but is still a modern, vibrant and culturally rich destination.

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