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The Ultimate Europe Car Hire Checklist That Takes Only 2 Minutes to Complete

rent a car vilnius

Planning a road trip across Europe? The most important part of your trip is going to be the car rental that you’ll hire for the trip. Once you’ve ensured a quality car rental for your trip, you have to worry much less about hitting any roadblocks during the trip. Entire Europe is within your easy access when you have hired a good car rental. If you want to rent a car in Vilnius, Lithuania to explore baroque architecture, in Warsaw, Poland to see the Gothic churches, in Tallinn, Estonia to get transported to medieval history, or visit any other beautiful part of Europe, here’s a checklist of all the essential things that you need to take care of to make your car renting as smooth as possible, regardless of whether it’s car rental Vilnius, Warsaw, Tallinn, Riga, or in any other part of Europe.

1. Mind the Age Limit

The driver of the rental car needs to adhere to the minimum age limit restriction, which could be anything from 18 to 25 years. Young drivers may need to pay extra fees on the rented car. Carrying a valid driver’s license is crucial and preferably the license should have been held for at least 1 year.

2. Ask for Conditions on Extra Drivers

If there are other eligible drivers too in your trip, it’d be better that you ask the provider in advance if these extra drivers can too drive the car. There could be some extra charges or certain restrictions to enable driving for the other drivers, or sometimes the original price may already cover for an extra driver. For our conditions visit.

3. Plan the Distance in Advance

The offerings of car rental providers are often tailored for limited kilometers. For any kilometers that are in addition to this baseline, extra charges are incurred which can turn out to be huge. Set out your travel route in advance and ask your car rental provider for their limit on kilometers.

4. Prepare for Travel Across Countries

There are hardly any countries that are unreachable with your car rental in Europe. For instance, you can take your car hire Vilnius and from Lithuania you can now go on to visit Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, etc. Really the world is your oyster! But do check in with your car rental provider if they have some special restrictions or regulations when it comes to traveling to certain countries, like is traveling to those countries with the car permitted, will it cost additional fees, etc.

5. Ensure Availability of Extra Equipment

Need some extra gear to supplement your car trip, like child seat and GPS? Confirm with the car rental provider whether they offer these extras or not, and also if these are offered for free or will there be separate charges for them.

6. Think Carefully About Your One-way Trip

One-way trip would mean that the car drop-off location is going to be different from the car pick-up location. This usually costs more and you should confirm the extra fees with the provider beforehand.

Blog written and presented by addCar, an online car rental portal.

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