Driving in Europe Checklist

Do you plan to rent a car in 2022 for your next road trip? Then take a look at our checklist for driving in Europe. 

Regulations are not the same, depending on the country. So before you go abroad, make sure you have the right documents before traveling to Europe by car.

Image Credit: Unsplash by Dario Morandotti

How to rent a car in Europe for a month?

Our first advice, anticipate your trip because the vehicles are sometimes difficult to find, especially in high season. It's quite easy to find us as we are located in all major cities' airports.

Then you will need mandatory documents to travel by car in Europe:

  • Valid ID (usually passport)

  • Personal Driving License

  • International Driving License (for non-EU)

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Do I need a special license to drive in Europe?

It depends on your nationality. For EU citizens traveling in an EU member state, your driver's license and a valid ID card will be sufficient for the car rental. 

For the others, you need to present an international driving license in addition to the documents mentioned earlier.

Driving in Europe after Brexit Checklist

Even though the UK is no anymore in the EU, people don't need to take an International Driving License to travel by car in Europe. All you need is a valid ID with your driving license.

Do you need a logbook to drive to Europe?

Yes, only if you are a UK citizen who plans to go to France or any other countries in Europe with your own car; you will need:

  • Logbook (V5C) of the vehicle

  • Your car insurance document

  • Your personal driving license


Did you find all the information for your next trip? 

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