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Discover the diverse beauty and serenity of Helsinki, Finland by Car Rental addCar Services:

Cheap Rental Cars in Helsinki

Being one of Europe’s northernmost countries, Finland offers great diversity as a travel destination with its thousands of lakes, beautiful nature and modern architecture. Finland is bordered by Norway, Sweden and Russia, as well as Estonia in the south across the Gulf of Finland. What could you do and where to go to have a memorable and exciting trip to Finland? People who visit Finland, they must visit capital city Helsinki. The capital city offers so many travel destinations to the tourists. Helsinki is famous for Museums, traditional wooden buildings, amusement parks etc. The addCar cheap rental cars make your journey safe and memorable in the city.

You can come to Finland by car, ferry, airplane or train. The largest airport of Finland is located in Vantaa, 15 kilometres from the centre of Helsinki. One of the best ways to travel to Finland is to take a ferry from Estonia or Sweden. The multi-storey ferries offer numerous opportunities for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Finland has a good road network, making it an excellent place for travelling by car. Travel planning is facilitated by special car routes for tourists, accompanied by convenient lists of attractions. The most popular route is the King’s Road. Travelling this old postal route across Southern Finland, you can see fancy manor buildings, stone churches, old factories, picturesque villages and natural sights. addCar rental services make it easy for you to book advance cars for your journey in Helsinki, Finland. Car renting to explore the country's tourists spots is worth it.

The capital, Helsinki, is a modern European city, brimming with culture, surrounded by the sea and islands and offering many opportunities for activities. For 450 years, Helsinki has been at the crossroads of the East and the West. Get a feel for the city’s rich history by visiting the mighty sea fortress, taking a walk in the Esplanade Park or climbing the stairs of Helsinki Cathedral, while Linnanmäki Amusement Park can provide a memorable experience for the whole family. addCar low cost car rental services offered in many countries of Europe like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania etc. Book cars for travelling in advance from Finland in other nearby countries to avoid last minute rush.

If you are near Turku, the first capital of Finland, you can visit the Moominworld theme park. Lapland in Northern Finland is the official home of Santa Claus. The national parks of the region include many natural sights, cross-country skiing and hiking trails, as well as wilderness huts for overnight stays. Lapland is the perfect place to experience northern lights, midnight sun and polar night, and see wild reindeers.

Finland is known as the land of thousand lakes; it has about 180 thousand lakes and roughly the same number of islands. A rallying competition known as the 1000 Lakes Rally is held at the end of every July in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, as part of the World Rally Championship. In the middle of the summer, you can visit the famous Pori Jazz festival or the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

If you are planning a ski holiday or a visit to Santa Claus, make sure to book your accommodation well in advance. The eighth week of each year is usually a school break week in Finland, which means that ski resorts are overpopulated and more expensive during this period. Whatever your plans, you can always go and discover the beauty and diversity of Finland by renting a car from a harbour, airport or train station. addCar is a complete solution for all your car renting needs in Europe and in many other countries.

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