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3 Must-Visit Cities In the Netherlands With Your Car Rental!

Car Rental Netherlands

Residing in northwestern Europe, Netherlands is a country known for its exciting nightlife, brilliant architecture, enchanting canals and lakes, unique Dutch culture, and beautiful landscape. There is something truly special about this country. From the bustling modern cities to the quiet and peaceful countryside, Netherlands offers everything that tourists seek from their vacation. Driving by car is one of the best ways to explore the complete length and breadth of this magnificent country; which is why you should hire a car rental Netherlands. This way you’ll be able to easily cover all the spectacular destinations within the country.

Even though there are many cities in the Netherlands that are popular among tourists, there are three that are the most remarkable and that you must absolutely visit. So get your car hire in the Netherlands ready and start on an adventure that takes you through the below three gorgeous Netherlands cities.

  • Amsterdam

Amsterdam is perhaps the most popular city in the Netherlands, and also one of the most famous cities in Europe. A highly multicultural city, Amsterdam is best known for its museums, canals, and nightlife. Beginning your excursion through the city with your car rental Amsterdam airport, there are quite a few places that should be on your must-visit list. This includes Rijksmuseum, NEMO Science Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Dam Square, Stedelijk Museum, the various open-air markets, etc. You should also find some time to hang out at the amazing cafes, restaurants, and discotheques in the city.

  • Rotterdam

The 2nd largest city in the country and also a stunning destination, Rotterdam will entrance you with its splendid architecture, rich maritime heritage, and sparkling nightlife. You should definitely visit this city using your car rental Netherlands. The cutting-edge design of the buildings in the city will enthral you, while the skyline of the city graced by the stunning skyscrapers will capture your gaze for a long time. Architecture is only one of the many things that you’ll love about Rotterdam. The city also has a great arts and culture scene. There are several renowned museums here that you could visit. Of course, you’ll also love the fantastic dining options and lively nightlife of the city.

  • Eindhoven

While Eindhoven may not be as popular as Amsterdam and Rotterdam for tourism, you should still plan a visit to this city in your Netherlands trip. From music, parks and museums to theatre, industrial heritage and open-air art, the city is filled with wonderful things to see and explore. So do devote a few days of your Netherlands itinerary to Eindhoven, you won’t regret it! Some of the places that you should visit when you’re in the city are Eindhoven Museum, Van Abbemuseum, St. Catherine’s Church, etc.

A trip to Netherlands must at least include visiting all of the three cities above. For an easy and convenient trip, you can opt for car hire in the Netherlands. Start planning your trip to this exquisite country quickly!

addCar Wins Rentalcars.com Customer Favourite Award Once Again!

Europe Car Rental

At addCar, we’ve always considered the opinions and feedback of our customers on our services to be supreme. After all, our affordable Europe car hire services are tailored to benefit our customers by making their travel experience in Europe the most enjoyable. Hence, it gives us great pleasure to announce that addCar has won the Rentalcars.com Customer Favourite Award for the second time! addCar has won this coveted award at 2 Finland locations, Kittila Airport and Oulu Airport.

Rentalcars.com is a highly prominent online car rental agency that has operations in nearly 160 countries around the world. This quality award by the agency is given to the select car rental brands who have won the customers’ hearts by offering extraordinarily superior quality of service. Taking ratings and feedback from customers into account, this award recognises the brands that have created a niche for themselves in providing outstanding customer service and experience. addCar has achieved this milestone for the second time now, even amidst a tough competition, thus proving that it is indeed the most preferred brand for car hire.

addCar came into being with the idea of making car hire in Europe more affordable for travellers, allowing them to comfortably explore the popular destinations of this beautiful continent with car in an economical way. By offering the travellers exactly what they were looking for in their rental cars in Europe, we were able to grow by leaps and bounds over the span of only a few years. Today, we are an established car rental brand with operations in many locations across Europe and even in North America. At every step of our wonderful journey, we have stayed true to our ideology of providing top-quality and affordable car rental services to the customers. We will continue to live by this ideology even as we expand our operations to new locations.

Renting a car from addCar yields several benefits for our customers:

  • Attractive discount offers, such as special weekend car rental deals.

  • Simple and easy rental car booking process.

  • Choosing from a wide range of car options depending on their needs.

  • Going to any popular destination in Europe that they like.

  • Enjoying first-class customer support and service.

We are glad that travellers from everywhere have opted for car hire in Europe with addCar and leveraged and appreciated these and many more such benefits, becoming our loyal customers in the process.

Lastly, it gives us immense delight that customers at Kittila Airport and Oulu Airport have rated us as their favourite car rental company. We want to express gratitude to our customers who helped us win the 2018 Customer Favourite award at these locations. Through our budget car rental deals, it has been our endeavour from the start to offer an economical car hire experience to our customers. The award has further reinforced our commitment to serve our customers in the best possible way and to become the number one car rental brand in Europe. We hope to continue winning this award in the future as well!

Exploring the Beautiful Attractions in Kiev by Hiring Car Rental Ukraine

car rental Kiev

Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine, is a city that you’ll fall in love with on your first visit itself, such is the charm of this uniquely spectacular destination. There is something enchanting about practically everything here, whether it’s the architecture, food, art, culture, or nightlife; this European city will surely sweep you off your feet. To get around this magnificent city with convenience, you should opt for car hire Ukraine. This will allow you to easily explore the wonderful attractions across the city and indulge yourself completely in the city’s allure.

Just hire a car rental Ukraine and set out on an exciting expedition across Kiev city that you’ll never forget. Following are some of the best attractions that you can cover in your expedition:

Khreshchatyk Street

You should begin your tour of the city from one of the most popular attractions here. Drive in your car rental Kiev to arrive at the main street of the city, Khreshchatyk. Extending a little over 1 km, this street attracts tourists because of its many high-end stores, restaurants, and cafes. The street is great to visit when you simply want to have a leisurely time.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Don’t forget to visit the amazing caves monastery, Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The gold-domed churches here will dazzle your mind with their sparkling beauty. Situated on a hill affording a lovely view of the Dnipro River, this monastery consists of a variety of architectural monuments. Take your time as you explore the cathedrals, bell towers, and cave systems of the monastery.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

Take a trip in your car hire Ukraine to an attraction that is not only well-known in Kiev and Ukraine, but even around the world. The foundation of the very famous St. Sophia’s Cathedral dates way back to 1037. Over the centuries that have since gone by, the architecture of the cathedral has also undergone numerous changes. Today, it stands as a marvelous architectural and historical wonder boasting of a regal exterior and intriguing interior.

M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden

Want to feel close to nature? It’s time you visit the M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden in Kiev, which is home to plants, flowers, and trees from around the world that will win your hearts and soothe your eyes. As you surround yourself amidst the green landscape of the garden, you’ll feel relaxed and peaceful. You can also visit the Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas and the Vydubychi Monastery, which lie on the garden’s grounds.

These are just some of the many tourist attractions in Kiev. There are also many cultural centers and museums in the city that you could visit. To have a great time in Kiev, you need a convenient means of transport to go from place to place as per your wish. Car rental Kiev is exactly what you need, so make sure you hire the same for your trip to Kiev.

5 Travel Tips to Remember for Having a Great Time in Bulgaria!

car rental in Bulgaria

Are you getting ready for a trip to the magnificent Balkan nation, Bulgaria? You’ve certainly chosen one of the most beautiful treasures of Europe to explore. Now all that’s left to do is planning for this trip. Bulgaria has so much to offer, nature, tradition, culture, nightlife, and more. As a tourist it depends on you how you make the most out of your trip to the country. Here, we share some tips that you can follow to have a great time in Bulgaria and craft a memorable travel experience that you’ll always remember:

1. Learn the Local Language a Little Bit

No, it’s not mandatory for you to learn Bulgarian language when visiting the country. But getting familiar with the basic phrases of the language is definitely a good idea. This will make it easy for you to interact with the locals on a basic level, which would be important when you’ll be visiting the offbeat spots of the country, where you’ll require a bit of assistance from the locals. Knowing the language on a basic level is enough and can help you tremendously as you go about traveling the country.

2. Go for a Car Rental in Bulgaria

If you want to travel around Bulgaria like a local, enjoying things you like at your own pace without any rush, then a car hire Bulgaria is what you should opt for. If you are beginning your tour of the country from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital as well as the largest city, then get a car hire from Sofia airport and embark upon an exquisite journey. Renting a car is a great way to explore Bulgaria because then you have complete freedom in deciding the places that you want to see. Even the offbeat locations are no longer out of reach when you choose care hire in Bulgaria.

3. Read Up About Bulgaria’s History and Culture

Bulgaria has a spectacular history and culture that will leave you enchanted as you see and experience it. But even before you arrive in the country and see the country’s rich history and culture for yourself, you should take the time to do a little research and studying on the same. Coming to the country with this background knowledge will enhance your understanding of the place and your travel experience too.

4. Be Ready to Switch on the Gourmet in You

It doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie or not. You will find yourself turning into a gourmet food lover in Bulgaria. The cuisine of Bulgaria is rich and delectable that will leave you craving for more and more. Apart from the popular pork and chicken, do try out the lamb and seafood as well.

5. Do Remember to Bring Home a Souvenir or Two

Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the world’s biggest producers of rose oil? Do buy a bottle of rose oil from here to bring back home as a souvenir. Other great souvenir items would include the traditional clothes, paintings, ceramics, etc.

3 Travel Experiences You Just Can’t Miss When in Riga, Latvia!

car rental in Riga, Latvia

Latvia’s beautiful capital city, Riga, beckons one to come and revel in its immersive and timeless culture. This buzzing metropolis not only has a mesmerizing history and architecture to offer to its tourists, but it also exudes the vibrant aura of any young, energetic city with its upbeat restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

If you’ve decided to pay this stunning city a visit, there are a couple of things you should know. First, opt for a car rental Riga to make your exploration of the city convenient. With a cheap car hire Riga, you’ll be able to go anywhere and do anything as and how you like. Have a car rented right from Riga international airport itself, as soon as you arrive. Second, you should know some key adventures that you ought to experience when you are in the city. Here, we take a look at few of the finest travel experiences that you must enjoy when you’re in Riga:

1. Soak in the Architectural Beauty of the Place

Your trip to Riga remains incomplete until you’ve taken the time to discover all the spectacular architectural beauty of the city. The architecture of the city will particularly delight the passionate photographers, since there is so much beauty spread around to capture! The lovely wooden buildings and picturesque houses here will stop you in your tracks. The overall architecture of the city offers glimpses of Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Gothic styles. As you go from one end of the city to another in your car rental Riga, you’ll keep finding something new and exciting in the city’s architecture.

2. Take a Stroll in Riga Central Market

Whether you have a shopping list or not, a visit to the Riga Central Market is a must either way. After all, it is the largest market in Europe. This market has everything, from local specialties to foreign imports. The place is no less than a paradise for food lovers. From fruits, dairy and vegetables to fish, spices and meat products, Riga Central Market is a wonderland of food in its own right.

3. Feel Peaceful at St Peter’s Church

If you have time to visit only one church out of the several churches in Riga, choose St Peter’s church. The spire of the church is the highlight feature of the city’s skyline. While the church’s interior spells grandeur and splendor, the church’s tower affords magnificent views of the city outside. The church also holds temporary art exhibitions sometimes that you can enjoy.

So, these are just some of the many wonderful travel experiences that one can enjoy in Riga. Get started with enjoying these and many more such experiences with your cheap car hire Riga.

The Ultimate Europe Car Hire Checklist That Takes Only 2 Minutes to Complete

Planning a road trip across Europe? The most important part of your trip is going to be the car rental that you’ll hire for the trip. Once you’ve ensured a quality car rental for your trip, you have to worry much less about hitting any roadblocks during the trip. Entire Europe is within your easy access when you have hired a good car rental. If you want to rent a car in Vilnius, Lithuania to explore baroque architecture, in Warsaw, Poland to see the Gothic churches, in Tallinn, Estonia to get transported to medieval history, or visit any other beautiful part of Europe, here’s a checklist of all the essential things that you need to take care of to make your car renting as smooth as possible, regardless of whether it’s car rental Vilnius, Warsaw, Tallinn, Riga, or in any other part of Europe.

1. Mind the Age Limit

The driver of the rental car needs to adhere to the minimum age limit restriction, which could be anything from 18 to 25 years. Young drivers may need to pay extra fees on the rented car. Carrying a valid driver’s license is crucial and preferably the license should have been held for at least 1 year.

2. Ask for Conditions on Extra Drivers

If there are other eligible drivers too in your trip, it’d be better that you ask the provider in advance if these extra drivers can too drive the car. There could be some extra charges or certain restrictions to enable driving for the other drivers, or sometimes the original price may already cover for an extra driver. For our conditions visit.

3. Plan the Distance in Advance

The offerings of car rental providers are often tailored for limited kilometers. For any kilometers that are in addition to this baseline, extra charges are incurred which can turn out to be huge. Set out your travel route in advance and ask your car rental provider for their limit on kilometers.

4. Prepare for Travel Across Countries

There are hardly any countries that are unreachable with your car rental in Europe. For instance, you can take your car hire Vilnius and from Lithuania you can now go on to visit Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, etc. Really the world is your oyster! But do check in with your car rental provider if they have some special restrictions or regulations when it comes to traveling to certain countries, like is traveling to those countries with the car permitted, will it cost additional fees, etc.

5. Ensure Availability of Extra Equipment

Need some extra gear to supplement your car trip, like child seat and GPS? Confirm with the car rental provider whether they offer these extras or not, and also if these are offered for free or will there be separate charges for them.

6. Think Carefully About Your One-way Trip

One-way trip would mean that the car drop-off location is going to be different from the car pick-up location. This usually costs more and you should confirm the extra fees with the provider beforehand.

Blog written and presented by addCar, an online car rental portal.

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Less Popular Travel Destinations of Europe – Your Next Holiday Destinations

Travel Destinations of Europe

Europe holds the third spot in the world’s most populated continents. Europe’s history, natural beauty, culture, palaces, museums, national parks, adventures and many other tourism spots attract people from all around the world. With 44 countries in the continent, Europe is able to attract travelers from all around the globe, with over 500 million people visiting every year. In Europe you will get out of time, you always need more time when it comes to visiting Europe’s travel destinations, there is a lot more to cover than you think.

Some of the frequently traveled cities of Europe are Rome, Porto, London, Athens, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Florence, Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt, Sofia, Cork, Budapest, Venice. There are more than thousand cities to explore in Europe.

Widely Popular European Traveling Spots:

1. Charles bridge, Prague: This historic bridge is made of sandstone blocks. It was started to built in 1357 by Charles IV and completed in 1402.

2. The Acropolis, Athens, Greece: Great historical site, archaeological wonder you can’t afford to miss.

3. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy: Tower of Pisa or The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known for its unintended tilt. A must watch site in Italy.

4. Sainte Chapelle, Paris: Outstanding royal chapel built in Gothic style.

5. Lake Bled, Slovenia: Lake in Slovenia, known for its natural beauty and exotic atmosphere.

There are more than thousands of other destinations available to explore like

– The Var, Provence, France
– The Matterhorn, Switzerland
– The Alhambra, Spain
– Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain

Underdog Countries Which are Among the Best for Traveling:

Many of the countries hold hidden traveling spots which can turn out to be the best trip of your life. Countries including Spain, Portugal, Austria, Malta, Montenegro, Croatia, Estonia, Greece and many other hold hidden gems you should reach out to and explore more.

Hidden Travel Spots – Must Visit Hidden Traveling Treasure:

Sometimes people just choose traveling spots which are highly or frequently visited but there are some magnificent destinations less popular in comparison. Here are some of the spots you should know if you have Europe on your traveling list.

Portofino – Italy: Portofino is a coastal village with fascinating harbor and association with celebrity and artistic visitors. If you are looking for diving, hiking, and beach strolling, this is one of the beautiful underrated places in Italy.

Portofino – Italy

Hvar – Croatia: You shouldn’t ignore this island if you happen to visit Croatia. Enjoy history, culture, mesmerizing environment and natural monuments here.


Dinant – Belgium: Dinant is a town located on the River Meuse. Not a big town but it is known as a present-day marvel by many. You can even walk to many of the places in less than one hour from the center.

Dinant – Belgium

Berat – Albania: Pride of an Albanian architecture, Berat designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, comprise a unique style of architecture with influences from several civilizations that have managed to coexist for centuries throughout the history. Source: Wikipedia

Berat – Albania

Gdansk – Poland: A lot of things to do in this Polish city. Some of the great visiting spots in the city are St. Mary’s Church, Long Lane Street, Historical Museum of the City, European Solidarity Center and many more available.


Schwangau (Neuschwanstein) – Germany: If one wants to enjoy museums, churches, and palaces, you should visit the city Schwangau. One can not ignore Neuschwanstein castle, this castle looks like a fairytale castle and you can not get enough of its view.

Neuschwanstein– Germany

We hope this blog post will help you to unleash many of the new hidden locations fit for traveling and exploring. Keep following us and never miss an update.
Blog written and presented by addCar, an online car rental portal.

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Albania, Croatia and Greece – New Additions to addCar Services

Car Hire in Albania, Croatia and in Greece

Learn more about why these countries deserve to get into our car rental service list and why we had to get there.

How it’s like to live in Albania, Croatia and in Greece?


Anyone who is looking to live normal human lives, Albania is perfect for them. Albania offers marvelous food, art & music, and many exceptional places to visit.
Albania is incredibly cheap in comparison to other European countries, especially for tourists. Real estate, renting apartments, food, and drinks are available at easy prices. Owning a car is expensive here, so are the fuel prices.


Renting houses in Croatia is not easy due to the limited options, also the rates are higher in comparison with other eastern Europe. You can buy Food and drinks at reasonable rates. Free education is provided in the country for children between the age of 7 and 15. Visit Croatia for a carefree lifestyle, wonderful environment, healthy food, brilliant sunshine, and exceptional weather.


Greece has soothing climate throughout the year, you can trust it for a relaxing vacation. Greece is a protected country with a very little severe criminal cases. Except for a few cities like Athens, anyone has to bear the inexpensive cost of living all around the country.
People are friendly and well-mannered here, they know how to respect elders, and educate their children for discipline.

Top Sights to Visit in Albania, Croatia and in Greece:


Albanian Riviera – A series of touristic coastal villages.
Lake Ohrid – One of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes. Learn more: Wikipedia
National Historical Museum – Albania’s largest museum located in Tirana.
Rozafa Castle – Castle in northwestern Albania.
Et’hem Bey Mosque – 18th-century gorgeous mosque situated in the center of the Tirana city.


Plitvice Lakes National Park – One of the most magnificent national parks in the world.
Hvar – A luxurious beach destination.
Diocletian’s Palace – An ancient palace, a royal attraction.
Walls of Dubrovnik – A series of defensive stone walls.


Acropolis of Athens – An ancient citadel, a historical site. Learn more: Wikipedia
Meteora – A rock formation in central Greece, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Parthenon – Former temple, built in the mid-5th century BCE.
Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens – A monument of Greece.
Ionian Islands – A group of islands.

Why Are These Countries Your Next Destinations?


Albania used to get ignored by tourists for too long. Albania has been a dark horse and now emerging as a frequently traveled spot. Visit Albania for some of the most stunning beaches of Europe, fascinating culture, inexpensive – due to lack of tourism, safe country, local delicious cuisines, rich archaeological & cultural heritage and much more.


Croatia cannot compete with other major European tourist countries but is increasing the number of tourists visiting every year. More blogger and media covering main attractions of Croatia, making it popular day by day among tourists. One can enjoy natural and cultural attractions in the country.


Nothing much to say, Greece is already a renowned tourists spot. Enjoy long sandy beaches, islands, landscapes, healthy food delicacies, nightlife, and much more. You might get lucky to click a selfie with your favorite celebrity, visiting the country, they often visit the country.

All the three countries’ economy is benefited through tourism activities, tourism is the major industry there. People are pretty much nice to the foreigners. These countries are considered safe and you can trust people here, remember no blind trust.

After successfully providing secure online car rental assistance to many of the European countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and many other countries. addCar is now available in Albania, Croatia, and Greece. You can now hire well-maintained cars in Albania, Croatia, and Greece from online car renting addCar portal.

You may be interest in our last blog post: Health Benefits of Holidays Traveling and its Necessity

Health Benefits of Holidays Traveling and its Necessity

Holidays Traveling Europe

For some people, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Many people get stuck in their working life so badly that they forget about the right time of eating and taking water. We agree with the following phrase:

“Work is Worship.”

You should never hurt yourself just because of your work. Excessive work can affect your mental health in a long run. It can lead to the unbearable stress.

Do not get yourself to the level of work where you delay eating and taking water due to the burden of work. If you agree with the first phrase above, you should also know this one here:

“Health is Wealth.”

Good health is the only reason you are able to work. Your priority should be healthy mind and body so that you can work continuously for your priorities in life.

Time to time rejuvenation is critical for mind and body. You can not afford to risk your mental or physical health at any cost. You have already got bills to pay and will always have to pay them. You have to find leisure quality time with family for relaxation. One of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind and body is to take a vacation. Traveling to new places will strengthen your mind and will relax your body.

There are many European countries which will rejuvenate your mind and body. Spending time near clean water bodies, in the fresh air environment, and the tranquil environment will help your mind and body to relax. Some must visit European countries are Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Albania, Morocco, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Finland.

Read some of the facts about traveling, holidays or vacations make you healthier:

To Relieve Stress: Many types of research have shown us that vacations to new places are extremely significant in handling stress built up due to workload and boring life. Quality traveling time reduces stress and rejuvenate your mind and body. Read research here: scholarworks.umass.edu

For Happiness and Satisfaction: There will be the frustration of repeating same old routine and you can’t get satisfied with your routine life only. You need a break to explore something new, satisfying, and pleasing. Holidays are the best way to get rid of your boring life and to do something exciting. Traveling is a great learning experience to do things for yourself and your loved ones.

For Handling Depression: Life has its funny ways to throw you into depression, hectic work schedule and boring lifestyle are enough to get you in this situation. The best way to handle it is to distance yourself from work for a while and enjoy a trip to a new country.

To Reinvent Yourself: When you travel to a new country you find new learnings in life. Different culture, different thinking, and new ways of everything will help you realize how things can turn out to be at new places. It helps you to explore your hidden abilities to deal with new people and places.

Holiday trip, vacation, and traveling are always fun to do but sometimes it is difficult to find the time for traveling. If you are unable to find the time, try to use weekends, holiday breaks, use work trips, and make traveling a priority.

Stay tune for more travel and holiday blog posts!!

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Top 6 European Destinations to Visit in 2018

6 European Destinations

If you’re planning to travel to Europe in 2018, try taking the offbeat path for your vacation and exploring destinations that are uncommon yet exquisite nonetheless. After all, it is these hidden pockets that are home to the quintessential European vacation flavor that you’re after. So before you go packing your bags, take a look at the top 6 European destinations that you should be visiting in 2018:

1. Rovaniemi (Finland):

This city in northern Finland is considered as the official hometown of Santa Claus. Because of its remote location on the Arctic circle, this city also affords great opportunities for viewing the spectacular Northern Lights. This snowy town is a gateway to the Arctic region and looks like a picture-perfect town out of a fairy tale.

2. Santorini (Greece):

If there was only one Greek island that you could visit, make it Santorini. Once almost completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption, the island stands tall and proud today boasting of panoramic views from multicolored cliffs, stunning architecture, volcanic sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, gourmet wine industry, and more. July and August are the peak tourist months.

3. Bucharest (Romania):

Ever wondered how the combination of ancient and contemporary could look like? Bucharest will satisfy all your inquisitiveness. This capital of Romania has a lot of cultural and historical significance attached to it. You just can’t miss visiting the Palace of the Parliament, Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, and National Museum of Romanian History when in the city.

4. Tartu (Estonia):

Visit the spiritual and intellectual capital of Estonia, Tartu. Even though it’s the 2nd largest city in Estonia, it’ still very compact in size meaning that you’ll find much of the attraction sights, nightlife activities and eateries within short distances of each other. Great place if you want to enjoy a nice, quiet and relaxed short vacation.

5. Kraków (Poland):

Kraków city traces its origins to 7th century which makes it one of the oldest cities of Poland. Given its ancient status, there is certain mystical and alluring air about the city. The European Union named the city European Capital of Culture for the 2000 year. Kraków has abundance of museums, theaters, national art galleries, and music venues to allow tourists to indulge in rich European culture.

6. Sofia (Bulgaria):

Bulgaria is most noted for its extensive Black Sea coastline, that’s home to exotic beaches, quaint fishing villages, and ancient sites. Start exploring this wondrous country by visiting its beautiful capital city, Sofia. Sofia had been named as the most affordable capital city to visit in Europe for the year 2013. It’s not your typical metro city, but is still a modern, vibrant and culturally rich destination.

Choose the widely trusted car rental service provider, addCar car rentals, for your Europe vacation. Embark upon amazing travel adventures in countries like Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece, and have addCar car rentals offer convenience to you at every step along the way.

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