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Things To Know About Vilnius Airport and Car Hire in the City

Car Hire Vilnius, Lithuania

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Vilnius Airport, also known as Vilnius International Airport, is the largest airport of Lithuania in terms of passenger traffic. If you are coming to Lithuania, you will certainly land in the city of Vilnius, which is also the capital of the country. Here are some fast facts about the airport that you need to know before arrival.

Vilnius Airport is complete state owned airport and falls under the ‘Ministry of Transport and Communications’. Lithuanian Airlines was the first airlines that had its hub in the airport, but due to major financial hiccups, the operations of the airport were suspended.

Due to lack of traffic, many airlines stopped their operations to the Vilnius Airport. airBaltic was a major carrier with flights to 19 destinations, but was forced to reduce the number to just three. Aurela Airlines also operates in the airport with business and holiday charter flights to parts of Asia and Europe.

Just because you don’t get frequent flights to the airport doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with travelling here. Vilnius Airport currently caters 2 million passengers and certainly one of the most developing airports of the continent. There are a number of car rental companies that operate at the airport, and there are taxis for easy travelling, as well.

Like most parts of Europe, driving here can be a hassle if you are not known to the driving rules. If you are not willing to shell big bucks to the rentals operating at the Vilnius Airport, you can think of taking bus services that are available from the airport. You can always hire cars in city for on-time and convenient transport.

There are chartered flights that are available from many parts of Europe to Vilnius Airport, and you might need to spend some extra Euros to reach here. Rentals and taxi bookings to many other cities of Lithuania can be availed from the airport for complete touring of the country.

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