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Basic Facts And Details Of Ventspils Airport

Ventspils Airport, Latvia

Ventspils is a city located on the western coast of Latvia. It is known to be the city that never stops working and maintains a balance between the past and present. Ventspils Airport is also recognized as the Ventspils International Airport and is located 5kms away from the main city. It serves as one of the main airports of the country along with two other airports located in Riga and Liepāja.

What to know: Ventspils Airport started in the year 1975, and initially, here are only flights available to Riga. The airport has served as commercial and state department hub for flights for a long time till it was closed for operations in 1983. Given the fact that the city had become an important commercial hub, the need for reopening the airport was considered.

Booking a flight: When the Ventspils Airport was under construction and renovation, The Riga Airport was the only way to reach the city by flight. This is one of the few reasons why the airport transport facilities are not up to the mark. You may take chartered flights to the airport as currently there are no scheduled flights due to lack of patronage.

Transportation to and from the airport: There are choices to take buses or car rentals from the airport. You may not get the best of transportation facilities and international rental services, but there are local services that are easy on the pocket. Car rentals with drivers can be booked in advance online, as well.

Ventspils has turned out to be a complete commercial hub, and things seem to be bright for this Latvian city. The Ventspils Airport is expected to get scheduled flights in coming days, especially in the tourist seasons. Flights to and from Riga are expected to start soon according to sources.

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