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Quick Travelling tips for Riga Downtown

Riga Downdown, Latvia

If you are coming to the capital of Latvia, you are certainly in for some excellent wonders and views. Being the one of the most populated cities in the Baltic States, Riga is great on fun and frolic. From the beautiful night views to its old town, the city has everything that can attract and mesmerize visitors.

You travel to this enchanting European city will be incomplete without a trip to Riga Downtown, where most of the fun happens. Here are some fast facts about the downtown area and the whole city that you must know before taking a trip here.

Riga is divided into two parts for visitors, thanks to the river Daugava. The Riga Downtown has a lot of attractions and offers ample scope for sightseeing. Also known as the old town, this is the centre of the town in terms of architecture and history.

If you are travelling in Europe, you ought to have a car of your own, but the problem with Riga lies in the fact that parking isn’t possible in the Riga Downtown. You can contact car rentals in advance and ask them about taking the vehicle to the old town. All popular local and international car rentals have their offices here.

There are ample hotels in budget and luxury range in the city, but getting a hotel in Riga Downtown at cheap rates can be difficult. Most tourists prefer to get bookings for hotels online as the downtown area is really busy and expensive. However, there are ample restaurants (even in budget) that offer quality local cuisine.

The entire Riga Downtown area is a treat for travellers, and it is advisable that you check the beauty of the city on your feet as walking on the historic streets is a feeling in itself.

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