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Get The Basics About Riga Airport Car Renting Services

airport car rental in Riga

Riga is the majestic capital of Latvia and is known for being one of the most well restored old towns of Europe. If you are coming to this city, it is likely that you would take a flight to the main city. Since this is the largest city of Baltic states, Riga Airport serves as the main hub for people coming to Latvia. addCar travel tips to and from Riga airport on how to stay comfortable while travelling in the city:

What to know: The airport is also known as Riga International Airport or Starptautiskā lidosta “Rīga” in Latvian. It was built in 1973 and has served as an initial alternative to Spilve Airport. This is the largest airport among all Baltic states with connections with more than 30 countries and over 75 destinations. The airport was renovated in the year 2001.
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Travelling to and from the airport: The Riga Airport is well connected to the main city, and you can hire taxis, buses or can pre-book car rentals for travel. For planning to rest of the cities in Latvia, you can get rentals right from the airport. If you book car rentals in advance, you can get cheap prices with international car rentals, as well. addCar services is a solution for your conveyance while you are staying in Riga, just book a car now from top left side form.

Major airlines at the airport: airBaltic offers connections to many destinations in Europe and has scheduled flights almost daily for the Riga Airport. SmartLynx Airlines and Estonian Air have seasonal flights for the city. There are options to get chartered flights to the Riga Airport, as well. London offers the largest number of flights to Riga and is closely followed by Moscow.
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There are plans to expand the Riga Airport in coming years, and the Latvian government have already taken the first steps in 2008. There will be hotels and new restaurants in the new expansion plan. A new terminal with more than 20 gates is already under construction. Being a popular airport, you can expect better amenities at the airport.
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