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More information on addCar rental

Get to know more about our interesting story on how the addCar business idea started and developed rapidly until now ─ with almost 200 locations in 24 countries and more to come.

Our Rapid Development

Established in 2005 in cooperation with airBaltic, addCar has developed from a small local car rental company to an international brand with locations all over Europe and in North America. Our close cooperation with major car rental brokers like Rentalcars, Carrentals, Autoeurope, and Cartrawler has led to a swift growth and addCar is now a leading mid-sized international car rental company with locations in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, Ukraine, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Malta, Morocco, Jamaica, St. Martin, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Dubai. .

Our history

Founder Kristian Kirchheiner, a former airline executive, started the adventure with 5 cars in Riga, Latvia in 2005. This was before the time of on-line search engines and brokers so we were depending on relationship with airBaltic and also with other airlines which marketed our brand on their web sites. In 2007 our first relationship with a broker, Cartrawler, started and gave us good idea of how we should increase the sales in the future. We made agreements with other brokers and through this cooperation we were able to expand. We now have almost 200 locations in 24 countries and there are more to come.

Our business idea.

We aim to provide the best possible service with a competitive price by always focusing on keeping the cost down.To the extent possible we outsource all non-core services to subcontractors and are thus very flexible. We call it "the smart way"

Our Expansion

We have expanded heavily the past year with opening of new locations all over Europe and North America. We do this through an affiliation with respectable local cooperation partners who understand our desire to offer an outstanding product at affordable prices.We partner with already established respectable car rental companies, which has the same approach to car rental as we do: to provide top service at affordable prices. With this philosophy we have been able to expand our business to several new places in both Europe and North America. We are constantly looking to increase our reach and presently looking for new partners particularly in Benelux and on the US East Coast.