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Basic Facts And Details Of Liepaja Airport

Liepaja Airport, Latvia

Liepaja is a popular city of Latvia and is situated 200kms away from the city of Riga. The city centre and Karosta (often named as a different city) are two important places in the town that have the best beaches and historic places. You can take seasonal flights to the Liepaja Airport to check this magnificence European town.

What to know: The airport is also known as the Lepāja International Airport and is certified for international use. However, since 2009, most of the flights to the airport have been suspended, and there are only flights from Riga that are operated seasonally. You can take chartered from the airport.

Moving to and from the airport: Liepaja Airport offers you the choices of buses, taxis and rental cars to reach the centre of the town. There are international car rental services that can booked for pickup from the airport. The costs of rentals are nominal, and if you are willing to save some money, you can choose to book car rentals in advance.

Distance from other towns: from Riga, the Liepaja Airport is around 210kms away, while the distance from the Lithuanian border is 60kms. The airport has now opened the routes and flights to Hamburg and Copenhagen. The airfield of the airport had earlier served as a base for Soviet Anti-Air Defense. Klaipeda is around 100kms from the airport.

Since flights are not very frequent to the airport, you may not get the best of amenities at the airport. If you are not getting a flight from Riga to the Liepaja Airport, you can choose to book a bus, which will take around 3 to 4 hours. Car rentals with a driver will take less time to reach to Liepaja as the road transport systems are well maintained and professional drivers are available.

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