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Quick Tips For Travellers In Kaunas Downtown

Kaunas Downtown, Lithuania

Kaunas is the perfect European city that’s situated in Lithuania and known for being a epitome of culture and history. It also became a great industrial city for the country after the Second World War, and even now, it contributes hugely to the economy of Lithuania.

Situated at the convergence of rivers Nemunas and Neris, the city is a treat for all travelers. The Kaunas Downtown area is one of the busiest areas in Kaunas and is frequented equally by those coming for business and leisure. Here are some fast facts about the area that will ease the task of making your itinerary.

If you are taking a flight to the city, you will have no issues in reaching the Kaunas Downtown area as the distance is just 14kms and takes about 25 minutes. There are buses and taxis available for the downtown and is not particularly expensive. Buses services are extremely frequent with the last service being at 22.30local time.

Staying in Kaunas Downtown can be really expensive as the place is a complete commerce hub with many people coming for work and business. Bookings can be made in advance for the region, or you can choose to take a hotel in the old town area, which is popular among vacationers.

Being a busy city, the traffic in most parts or Kaunas can be a problem. You can opt to book taxis, or else, there are genuine car rental services that offer packages for whole trip for 24 hours. If you are taking your car rental in the Kaunas Downtown area, make sure you are aware of the rules.

There are many old and modern buildings in the Kaunas Downtown that look really attractive at night. You can take leisurely walks for knowing the architecture and check the vibrant night life.