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Franchising opportunity

Setting up your own business has never been so easy! We will offer the lowest start-up fees in the business. You will only pay for a small set up cost (approximately 10.000 EUR depending on location) and an ongoing system fee is 500 EUR monthly + 8% of your rental income.


As well as the saving you make on our internationally negotiated deals for services and products, the franchise fee entitles you to:

• Full addCar branding (including license to operate under our copyrighted name.) Advertising/marketing campaigns and initial supply of stationery/ business forms, location signage and vehicle livery

• Expert fleet management (including advice on size/mix, favorable terms with major manufacturers and a precise business growth and cash flow plan)

• Seasonal mini-leasing opportunities provided by the addCar Group (location dependent)

• Initial training and ongoing support (including a thorough 3-day training course for up to 3 people, comprehensive operational assistance and our rental software package)

• State of the art software solution for reservations, inventory, fleet management, revenue management, web check-in, invoicing

• Back office support with business intelligence and performance reporting


Following franchises are now open for application:

- Denmark

- Norway

- Iceland

- Hungary

- Czech Republic

- Netherlands

- Belgium


For further information:

Please download this brochure (.pdf, 5.4 Mb)

or mail to franchise@addcarrental.com

  • See our wide selection of cars
  • Get personal service around the clock. With addCar you are always safe on the road.
You get:
  • No self risk if collision & damage
  • Cancellation: Money back guarantee
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