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The Renter must be at least 21 years old and have a driving licence for at least one year.


As a form of payment we accept pre-paid transactions and the following credit cards: VISA and Master Card. Beside the estimated rental cost, the Renter allows a deposit of 115€ - 685€ to be drawn from the credit card at the beginning of the rental to cover any excess/self-risk, fuel, penalties or any other unforeseen cost. No cash payment is accepted. 

Additional driver:

Free of charge.

Identifications required:

At the time of rental Renters/drivers are required to present a valid passport/ID and driver’s license. All drivers of the Vehicle should be holders of B-category driving license for 1 year at least. Those Renters, whose driver's license is written in non-roman alphabet, need to have the international driver's license.

Collision and Damage waiver (CDW): 

Renter’s liability for damages to the rented vehicle is € 230. The Renter will be held liable for any damages to the vehicle also including tires and disks even if the Renter is not personally responsible for the accident. The Renter will be responsible for full amount of repair cost/full vehicle value in case of vehicle total loss if the damage has been caused by an act of negligence, caused under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances or insurance company classified accident as a non-insurance case /serious traffic rules violation/. The Renter is liable to pay full amount of the repair costs of the rented vehicle if an accident or other damage has not been duly reported to the police and CarFree.

Super Collision and Damage Waiver (SCDW):

By accepting and paying an additional fee of 4,50 per day, Renter's liability for damages is waived. SCDW does not cover damages of interior accessories, tires and disks, windshield cracks nor does it cover damages caused by negligence, or  under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances. The Renter is liable to pay full amount of the repair costs of the rented vehicle if an accident or other damage has not been duly reported to the police and CarFree.

Check out/in:

Check in and out of car is free of charge whenever rental is longer than 3 days, and it takes place during office hours from 8am to 8pm; outside office hours a fee is applicable in the amount of 10 € . Renter is fully responsible for repair costs for any damages detected on the car not clearly marked on the Rental Agreement.

Driving restrictions:

Driving outside the EU is strictly forbidden (except Norway)

Driving is allowed without restrictions in the territory of the country where the car is rented. Any driving outside the area is forbidden without written permission and without paying a charge of 12,5 €.

One-way rentals are allowed to certain locations upon request. A special rate list exists for this.


Refuelling cost
The Vehicle will be supplied to the Renter with at least quarter tank of fuel. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel than it was given, the Renter must pay a refuelling service charge of 7€ plus missing fuel at 2€ per liter


1) The Renter is fully responsible for all traffic and parking fines obtained during the rental and any other breach of law and its consequences.
2) If the fines described in paragraph (1) are paid by CarFree, the Renter will be charged the full amount of the penalty and a handling fee of no less than 100% of the amount of the penalty

3) Upon Renter's request, CarFree will supply him/her with a copy of any violation notice that originate from his/her use of the Vehicle and have been paid by CarFree.

4) In case of losing car documents Renter will be charged 70 .

5)  In case of losing car keys Renter will be charged minimum 70 €

6)  Driving outside the country where the car is rented without permission will be charged 23 €.

7)  In case of smoking and carrying animals the Renter will be charged 70 €.

8)  Returning an excessively dirty car will be charged minimum 12,5 €.

9) Excessive dirt in the interior of the car will be charged 70 €.

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