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addCar rental conditions

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The driver must be at least 21 years old and with minimum 3 years of driving experience

Rental rates:

addCar car rental rates are 24-hour day rates including vehicle and insurance. Fuel expenses are not included.


As a form of payment, we accept the following credit cards: VISA, and Master Card. Renter allows a deposit of 400 EUR plus the estimated rental cost to be drawn from the credit card at the beginning of rental to cover any excess/self-risk, fuel, penalties or any other unforeseen cost. Final statement will be done soonest possible after check in of Vehicle. No cash payment is accepted. 

Additional driver:

Additional driver is free of charge.


Free mileage.

Penalty for smoking or extra cleaning:

Smoking is strictly not allowed in the rented vehicle. In case of smoking in vehicle or in case of excessive cleaning from either dirt of animal hairs, the Renter will change a full cleaning of the car at minimum 100,00 EUR plus VAT.

Identifications required:

At the time of rental Renters/drivers are required to present a valid passport/ID and driver?s license. All drivers of Vehicle should be holders of B-category driving license for 3 years at least and aged 21 at minima. Those Renters, whose driver's license is written in non-roman alphabet, need to have the international driver's license.

Collision and Damage waiver (CDW)

Renter?s liability for damages to the rented vehicle is between 950 EUR and 1 500 EUR depending on car type. The Renter will be held liable for any damages to the vehicle also including tires and disks even if the Renter is not personally responsible for the accident.  In case of total vehicle loss renter's liability is depending on the car group; more information can be found on the rental agreement. The CDW does not cover damages of interior and interior accessories and does not cover windshield cracks. The Renter will be responsible for full amount of repair cost/full vehicle value in case of vehicle total loss if the damage has been caused by an act of negligence, caused under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances or insurance company classified accident as a non-insurance case /serious traffic rules violation/. The Renter is liable to pay full amount of the repair costs of the rented vehicle in case an accident or substantial damage has not been duly reported to the police and addCar plus 50 EUR per day for each day the car is out of production. 

In case of damage to the vehicle or any of its parts the value of the repair will be assessed according to a Damage Matrix made available to him at the time of the check out or a repair order from a legally registered repair shop.

Theft Protection (TP):

Renter?s liability in case of theft of Vehicle or its parts is between 950 EUR and 1500 EUR; see rental agreement. In case of theft of keys, remote control and/or registration certificate are stolen with the car Renter will be responsible for the vehicle up to full value thereof.

Super Collision and Damage Waiver (SCDW):

By accepting and paying an additional fee 15 EUR to 20 EUR per day Renter's liability for damages is waived. SCDW does not cover damages of interior accessories nor does it cover in case of negligence, caused under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances. Neither does it waive any liability in case of theft of the vehicle.

Check out/in:

Check in and out of car is free of charge during office hours; outside office hours a fee is applicable. Renter is fully responsible for repair costs for any damages detected on the car not clearly marked on the Rental Agreement. A representative from addCar may not be present at time of check-in and the Renter agrees that final statement and assessment of any damages may take place without the presence of Renter and agrees that any charges that may occur from this can be debited Renter later; but not more than 48 hours after return of the vehicle.

Driving restrictions:

Driving is allowed without restrictions in the territory of the country where you have rented the car. Any driving outside the area is strictly forbidden. In case of violation of this rule the Renter is fully responsible for all cost in case of damage of the vehicle; a fine of 500 EUR is applied. Cross Border is not allowed

Refueling costs:

The Vehicle will be supplied to the Renter with a full tank of fuel. If the Vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, the Renter must pay a refueling service charge of 10 EUR plus missing fuel 18 ? per quarter


1) The Renter is fully responsible for all traffic and parking fines obtained during the rental and any other breach of law and its consequences.
2) If the fines described in paragraph (1) are paid by addCar, the Renter will be charged the full amount of the penalty and a handling fee of no less than 100% of the amount of the penalty

3) Upon Renter's request, addCar will supply him/her with a copy of any violation notice that originate from his/her use of the Vehicle and have been paid by addCar.

4) In case of lost car documents Renter will be charged 250 EUR plus 50 EUR per day when the car cannot be used; maximum 500 EUR.

5) In case of lost car keys Renter will be charged 250 EUR plus 50 EUR per day when the car cannot be used; maximum 500 EUR.

6) If rental company receives request from police about driver?s details, the renter will be charged for every request 25 EUR without additional notice.

7) The vehicles of addCar are not allowed to be driven off road, on the beach, or in un-asphalted roads. In case that the costumer will drive in above mentioned roads the penalty will be 100 EUR VAT incl.

Technical fault:

In case a car suffers from a technical fault or damage, which is due to misuse, negligence or other caused by the car renter/renters, the car renter/renters is liable for the direct and potential indirect repair costs in full. If the car is under warranty, the car renter/renters is only liable for the related costs, which are not covered and compensated to the car rental by the warranty.

Accident report:

A police report is mandatory in the event of injured person damage on the and car should not to be removed from accident location until the police notification.

Call the following number in case of body injured 15.

Insurance report duly filled by all parties is mandatory in case of accident.

Salic & Traffic fines violations:

Traffic fines are subject to an administration fee of 10 euro.

Payment process:

Credit card in the name of the payer / renter is required at time of check out. addCar Guadeloupe reserves the right to recover automatically within period of 30 days any car damages or traffic fines, Except those items nothing else can be charges out of initial booking cost.


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