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Visit the most enchanting places in Malta

enchanting places in Malta

Travelling sets you free. You realise how much more there is to explore in the world, and how little we know. When you decide to travel to Southern Europe, one place that you must not miss is “Malta”. The serene country Malta is as picturesque as it can get, and it holds an unforgettable sight out of the window when you wake up each morning in Malta.

Malta has for long been at the top of tourist attractions with its rich heritage, peaceful hilltops, busy fishing villages, and valour of the kings and knights who shaped this place. Visiting Malta in the seasons of spring and autumn is highly recommended. Even in summers, the country is observed to be full of fervour with the ongoing festivities and concerts all around. 

The Maltese island is the combo of Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is a place that has got a little something for everyone. Whether you are an adventure freak, a historical geek, or just want to soak in the sun by the pristine water at the beaches, it’s got a place for you. You can simply avail of car rental services and get exploring in this beautiful country.

Pre-requisites To Travel In Malta

The country Malta is very welcoming. All you need is a valid “Schengen visa” to enter Malta. Besides, if you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia you can spend quality 90 days here. Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to visit. Despite being an island, Malta has an international airport. This makes it very accessible.

One might opt for the local transport but it takes forever to get to a place which is as close as 4.5 km from Mdina to Rabat. So, the most ideal and flexible way to travel places would be to contact a car rental company.  A hired car will save a lot of your time and will not dictate you to follow the bus schedules. Moreover, you can simply make the payment online or by credit cards or debit cards which saves you the fuss of carrying cash or converting money in Euros.

Where To Head When In Malta?

Once you are sorted about how to travel, the next thought is where to travel to? While there can be an inexhaustible list of places to visit in Malta, here is a list of places you should definitely cover in your itinerary:


Valetta, Malta

The aptest capital city Valetta is strategic and compelling to visit place in Malta. You will be surprised by the grandeur you will discover at the end of narrow lanes. The most famous St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a testimony of the past of Malta. This astoundingly beautiful church was built in the 16th-century by years of co-effort by knights from France, Spain, and Italy. The intricacies and lavish interiors of art in thin gold are inviting for tourists. You must definitely make it a point to visit the oratory that has among two of the best paintings in history. Malta is equally modernized as historic it is.


Mdina Gate, Malta

The ancient capital of Malta is also famous as the silent city. The town is fortified and a unique mix of medieval and baroque architecture. When in Mdina you can cover the following places:

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The National Museum of Natural History
  • Norman House
  • National Aquarium

If that isn’t enough to excite you, the main gate that is the gateway to this city was used for shooting the famous “Game Of Thrones” episode-3, season-1 (Lord Snow).

Island Of Gozo:

Azure Window,Malta

A shift from the historical beauty, the idyllic island of Gozo is relaxing from the very sight of the blue and sun-kissed beaches. Needless to mention the fun activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and swimming in the clear waters at the beaches. Not just the beaches, you can visit the “Ggantija temple” which are older than the “Pyramids of Egypt” that are dated to 3,500 BC. The island is also famous for the “Azure Window” which is a natural wonder. This site also featured in GoT for the wedding of Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s wedding. Whether a fan of the series or not, you will surely become a fan of this serene place.

Comino Island- Blue Lagoon:

Comino Island, Malta

If you are looking for a day trip in the most heavenly place that has crystal clear waters over the white seabed, then the only place for you is the Bue Lagoon. The small and perfect Comino island is located between Gozo and Malta. You must definitely add this to your vacation list in Malta. Get driving along the lagoon with your car rental in Malta.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum:

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

This is a cult site of the neolithic period. For preservation, they allow only 10 visitors in an hour. So, it is important that you pre-book your visit. This site is extremely special and is declared as UNESCO listed archaeological site. This three-storeyed site is carved with rock tools and built-in limestone. It has passages and stairways leading you into the cultural mindset of people in the pre-historic era.

The ones stated here are only the highlights of the wondrous places you will come across in Malta. Your list on the trip to Malta must be inclusive of all these places. There is much in a store like the Blue Grotto, the eye-pleasing golden Bay, the exciting nightlife in St. Julian, Dingli Cliffs, and the Popeye’s Village in Malta. The blissful sight of fishing boats parked at the grand harbour is an unintended gift of renting a car on your travel in Malta.

So, the next time you think of relaxed vacation, you can contact the reliable car rental services in Malta – Addcar Rental. They have years of experience in catering to trips for solo, couple and group travels. You will most certainly have a never like before experience in Malta.

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