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Plan Your Perfect Vacation In Exotic Macedonia

Plan Your Perfect Vacation In Exotic Macedonia

Vacations these days are a perfect escape from stress or boredom we experience in daily lives. With the change in lifestyle, today’s tourists have different expectations when they plan a vacation. There has to be relaxation, adventure, comfort, picturesque locations all packaged in a single trip. 

While this demand has ascended, people are also looking for places that add value or quality to their lives. It’s no more just about looking at monuments or places only. They also love to visit off-beat places that garner experience. More and more people are opting for car rental services to explore the city or country on their own. They have begun to realize that taking the road less traveled might give you an awesome experience of a lifetime with friends and family.

Experience Macedonia Like Never Before:

So, What do you dream of in your perfect vacation?

What if you are promised a place with a rich amalgamation of both cultural and natural treasures. You’d definitely grab the tickets for the flight, right? Well, that’s exactly what Macedonia has in store to offer to you. 

Macedonia is regarded as Europe’s hidden treasure that not many have taken the opportunity to explore. It has a touch of the western world, yet, it has proudly preserved its heritage too. There’s the influence of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and the Albanian culture combined. Macedonia is a landlocked country that has superior natural beauty. 

It’s only reasonable that most people prefer renting a car in Macedonia for their entire trip. There’s everything ranging from the canyon to the lake with crystal clear waters, and churches to painted mosques. You need time to take it all in. Macedonia also surprises you with delicious scrumptious meals to savour on.

Places To Un-miss On Your Macedonian Trip:


Alexander statue in Skopje center

The Republic of Macedonia has Skopje as its capital city. If you are an international traveller, you will mostly be commencing your vacation in Macedonia at the Skopje airport. When in Skopje, you can simply cross the old stone bridge to transport to the old Ottoman empire bazaar feels. The sprouting fountains all across the city will surely catch your attention intermittently. You must be ready to sync in the unique pace that the city runs on. Another spot to cover is the Skopje Fortress that you mustn’t leave.

The Ohrid Lake:

Ohrid Lake

Most people already know that Lake Ohrid is associated with the church of St. John at Kaneo. While that is definitely true, there is so much more in this lakeside town. There are many other villages on the lakeside. So, simply get in a boat and cruising in the lake. Oh! The Instagrammable pictures that you can click at the picturesque locations in and about the Ohrid lake are going to be many.

The Matka Canyon:

The Matka Canyon

The Matka Canyon visit for a day is a great attraction among everyone who visits Macedonia as it has 10 caves and beautiful rock formations and crevices in the middle of calm waters. Not only this, there are three churches, namely: 

  • The Monastery of St. Andrew
  • The Monastery of St. Nicholas Shishovski
  • The Matka Monastery

Mavrovo National Park:

Ruined Church St. Nicholas

While there are many national parks in Macedonia, Mavrovo stands as the largest one. Mavrovo is the home of the country’s largest artificial lake. Also, the park will feed your adventurous enthusiasm as throughout the year you can trek, kayak, ski, go horse riding or go mountain biking here. You can indulge in the scenic beauty at the country’s highest peak when visiting the Mavrovo park.


Clock Tower of Bitola

This Ottoman town deserves your time to visit the relaxing Turkish baths and famous mosques like Jeni Mosque, and Isak Beg Mosque. You would definitely feel the leisure as you enjoy your brunch or snacks at the cafes on the Širok Sokak which is a wide street that’s often busy. It gives you a feel of how a day is in the lives of the people of Bitola.


Stobi Theater

This a famous archaeological site in the whole of Macedonia. You can reach the site with an easy drive from Skopje with a car rental in Macedonia. Stobi has a very strategic location i.e. on the Roman trading route from the Danube river in Serbia to the Aegean sea in Greece. This site is a sneak peek into the commerce and culture prevalent at that time in history.

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So, quit your qualms and book your car for an unforgettable and long-awaited trip to Europe, Macedonia.

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