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Less Popular Travel Destinations of Europe – Your Next Holiday Destinations

Travel Destinations of Europe

Europe holds the third spot in the world’s most populated continents. Europe’s history, natural beauty, culture, palaces, museums, national parks, adventures and many other tourism spots attract people from all around the world. With 44 countries in the continent, Europe is able to attract travelers from all around the globe, with over 500 million people visiting every year. In Europe you will get out of time, you always need more time when it comes to visiting Europe’s travel destinations, there is a lot more to cover than you think.

Some of the frequently traveled cities of Europe are Rome, Porto, London, Athens, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Florence, Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt, Sofia, Cork, Budapest, Venice. There are more than thousand cities to explore in Europe.

Widely Popular European Traveling Spots:

1. Charles bridge, Prague: This historic bridge is made of sandstone blocks. It was started to built in 1357 by Charles IV and completed in 1402.

2. The Acropolis, Athens, Greece: Great historical site, archaeological wonder you can’t afford to miss.

3. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy: Tower of Pisa or The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known for its unintended tilt. A must watch site in Italy.

4. Sainte Chapelle, Paris: Outstanding royal chapel built in Gothic style.

5. Lake Bled, Slovenia: Lake in Slovenia, known for its natural beauty and exotic atmosphere.

There are more than thousands of other destinations available to explore like

– The Var, Provence, France
– The Matterhorn, Switzerland
– The Alhambra, Spain
– Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain

Underdog Countries Which are Among the Best for Traveling:

Many of the countries hold hidden traveling spots which can turn out to be the best trip of your life. Countries including Spain, Portugal, Austria, Malta, Montenegro, Croatia, Estonia, Greece and many other hold hidden gems you should reach out to and explore more.

Hidden Travel Spots – Must Visit Hidden Traveling Treasure:

Sometimes people just choose traveling spots which are highly or frequently visited but there are some magnificent destinations less popular in comparison. Here are some of the spots you should know if you have Europe on your traveling list.

Portofino – Italy: Portofino is a coastal village with fascinating harbor and association with celebrity and artistic visitors. If you are looking for diving, hiking, and beach strolling, this is one of the beautiful underrated places in Italy.

Portofino – Italy

Hvar – Croatia: You shouldn’t ignore this island if you happen to visit Croatia. Enjoy history, culture, mesmerizing environment and natural monuments here.


Dinant – Belgium: Dinant is a town located on the River Meuse. Not a big town but it is known as a present-day marvel by many. You can even walk to many of the places in less than one hour from the center.

Dinant – Belgium

Berat – Albania: Pride of an Albanian architecture, Berat designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, comprise a unique style of architecture with influences from several civilizations that have managed to coexist for centuries throughout the history. Source: Wikipedia

Berat – Albania

Gdansk – Poland: A lot of things to do in this Polish city. Some of the great visiting spots in the city are St. Mary’s Church, Long Lane Street, Historical Museum of the City, European Solidarity Center and many more available.


Schwangau (Neuschwanstein) – Germany: If one wants to enjoy museums, churches, and palaces, you should visit the city Schwangau. One can not ignore Neuschwanstein castle, this castle looks like a fairytale castle and you can not get enough of its view.

Neuschwanstein– Germany

We hope this blog post will help you to unleash many of the new hidden locations fit for traveling and exploring. Keep following us and never miss an update.
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