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The 5 Most Wondrous Countries in Europe

Holidays are a wonderful way to spend time with your friends and family. You learn about new cultures, places and have lots of fun on the journey. Travelling together often strengthens the bonds with the people you travel. It’s a great way to socialize too.

Vacations these days have more to it than sight-seeing. People are either looking for some relaxing activities like spas, health, and wellness routines or adventures. Right from skydiving to scuba-diving, everything has to be on the itinerary.

Besides, people often look for picturesque places that give them enough spice to flaunt on social media. Europe is a beautiful continent that is rich in natural wealth. The people are very progressive yet deeply rooted in their cultures. This makes it even more attractive for tourists all over the globe.

One of the prominent concerns, whenever you are planning a holiday, is how would you travel places. The best solution that provides maximum comfort is when you rent a car.

Car rental services have become easier to access with the improvement in technologies like the internet, GPS, etc. You can simply locate a car rental company near your location of hotels and avail one. AddCar Rental is one rental car services providing company that caters to countries all over Europe to hire a car in a smart way.

Here we enlist the 5 most wondrous countries in Europe that you must not give a miss at all.



Croatia is a breathtakingly beautiful country in Central Europe. It is like a treasure island of natural beauty amalgamated with an incredibly rich cultural heritage. You might fall short in the number of days you can spend basking in this wondrous place.

A country that is modest in size, is surprisingly home to dense forests, lakes, waterfalls, and archipelagos. It has equally enticing architectural sites that will hold your interest on your vacation.

Croatia is among the best places to visit in Europe as it has not only Gothic palaces but also a cool party vibe along the beaches. There are national parks, castles, and beaches you can spend an entire day at. You get the best of both worlds in one place in wondrous Europe. Croatia has been a favourite spot for many arts and cinematic enthusiasts with its scenic sapphire waters.

Croatia ranked as the 18th most popular tourist destination all over the world. This would certainly mean there is something exceptional about this place that you must not give a miss!



With a serene coastline along the Adriatic sea and rugged mountain ranges, Montenegro is a splendid destination for travellers. Montenegro has gained popularity with better development in cruise ship routes and an increase in the number of flights. It is gaining popularity as a position in bucket lists as must-visit destinations in Europe.

When in Montenegro, you must definitely cover the Ostrog monastery, Durmitor national park, the Tara river canyon, etc. You can take delight strolling in the old city, admiring its architecture and old walls or simply walk at the Bay of Kotor.

The twisting lake of Skadar will surely make you realize the marvels of nature. You can also visit Sveti Stefan, which is an old fishing town and spend some quality time there. Other popular and beautiful places include Perast and Budva. Podgorica, which is a capital city, has some glitzy shopping centres that you can hop in some time near the airport.



Estonia is located in the Baltics and is a tiny country with a quaint capital Tallinn. This medieval town has 17thcentury tunnels with nearly 380 secret passageways. How exciting is that? A striking contrast to this is the modern city of Tartu. It is famous for its youthful spirit and night-life. This city is a bohemian paradise for old-school lovers and a fusion of science and creativity.

If you are looking for a laid back time in Estonia, Parnu is the place for you. This is a relaxing city in Europe that has relaxing spas, medieval bathhouses to be enjoyed all year long, cocktail bars, etc. You can simply rent a car and get travelling throughout Estonia.

Kihnu Island is a paradise for foodies and seafood lovers. Its culture is so unique and colourful that it has made a place in the UNESCO world heritage list. Since most people in Kihnu are fishermen, you can relish on some freshly caught fish and other savoury food.



The birth country of the Olympic games, Greece is a country famous for many things including its mystic nature, mouth-watering food, loving people and deep-rooted culture. As a tourist, you can never get enough of this country, and there will always be places that you feel are unexplored.

When in Greece, there are some cities that must be your top priority. An excellent option would be to hire a car when you travel through these cities. When in Athens, you must definitely visit the colossal ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Famous temple of Goddess Athena, called Parthenon. Next, is the fairytale-like city Santorini. This place will be a delight for your eyes. The whitewashed buildings spiralled pathways, and towering sapphire domes is a picture that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

Other very famous spots to cover are Delphi and Meteora. Just get in your comfortable car and get driving in Greece.



If Turkish delights are not enough to drive you to visit Turkey, maybe its confluence of European and Asian culture that might entice you. The world-famous cities like Istanbul which a big city, Antalya, and Cappadocia have so much to offer as a tourist destination.

When one thinks about Turkey, it’s a picture painted of vibrant bazaars, whimsical mountain ranges, hot-air balloons bringing dreams to reality, and marvelous monuments. The Hamams and intricately designed mosques are just a glimpse of how intellectual and artistic architecture developed in ancient Turkey.

With these amazing countries to visit, you surely must be feeling like packing your backs right away. Plan that long-awaited trip with your family or friends. You can avail of the best car rental services in Europe with AddCar Rental. They offer easy pickup which has the most easily accessible locations. The maintenance of cars is done up to the mark. There are a variety of cars and options you can choose from. Moreover, all of this is available at the most affordable prices.

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3 Travel Experiences You Just Can’t Miss When in Riga, Latvia!

car rental in Riga, Latvia

Latvia’s beautiful capital city, Riga, beckons one to come and revel in its immersive and timeless culture. This buzzing metropolis not only has a mesmerizing history and architecture to offer to its tourists, but it also exudes the vibrant aura of any young, energetic city with its upbeat restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

If you’ve decided to pay this stunning city a visit, there are a couple of things you should know. First, opt for a car rental Riga to make your exploration of the city convenient. With a cheap car hire Riga, you’ll be able to go anywhere and do anything as and how you like. Have a car rented right from Riga international airport itself, as soon as you arrive. Second, you should know some key adventures that you ought to experience when you are in the city. Here, we take a look at few of the finest travel experiences that you must enjoy when you’re in Riga:

1. Soak in the Architectural Beauty of the Place

Your trip to Riga remains incomplete until you’ve taken the time to discover all the spectacular architectural beauty of the city. The architecture of the city will particularly delight the passionate photographers, since there is so much beauty spread around to capture! The lovely wooden buildings and picturesque houses here will stop you in your tracks. The overall architecture of the city offers glimpses of Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Gothic styles. As you go from one end of the city to another in your car rental Riga, you’ll keep finding something new and exciting in the city’s architecture.

2. Take a Stroll in Riga Central Market

Whether you have a shopping list or not, a visit to the Riga Central Market is a must either way. After all, it is the largest market in Europe. This market has everything, from local specialties to foreign imports. The place is no less than a paradise for food lovers. From fruits, dairy and vegetables to fish, spices and meat products, Riga Central Market is a wonderland of food in its own right.

3. Feel Peaceful at St Peter’s Church

If you have time to visit only one church out of the several churches in Riga, choose St Peter’s church. The spire of the church is the highlight feature of the city’s skyline. While the church’s interior spells grandeur and splendor, the church’s tower affords magnificent views of the city outside. The church also holds temporary art exhibitions sometimes that you can enjoy.

So, these are just some of the many wonderful travel experiences that one can enjoy in Riga. Get started with enjoying these and many more such experiences with your cheap car hire Riga.

Health Benefits of Holidays Traveling and its Necessity

Holidays Traveling Europe

For some people, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Many people get stuck in their working life so badly that they forget about the right time of eating and taking water. We agree with the following phrase:

“Work is Worship.”

You should never hurt yourself just because of your work. Excessive work can affect your mental health in a long run. It can lead to the unbearable stress.

Do not get yourself to the level of work where you delay eating and taking water due to the burden of work. If you agree with the first phrase above, you should also know this one here:

“Health is Wealth.”

Good health is the only reason you are able to work. Your priority should be healthy mind and body so that you can work continuously for your priorities in life.

Time to time rejuvenation is critical for mind and body. You can not afford to risk your mental or physical health at any cost. You have already got bills to pay and will always have to pay them. You have to find leisure quality time with family for relaxation. One of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind and body is to take a vacation. Traveling to new places will strengthen your mind and will relax your body.

There are many European countries which will rejuvenate your mind and body. Spending time near clean water bodies, in the fresh air environment, and the tranquil environment will help your mind and body to relax. Some must visit European countries are Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Albania, Morocco, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Finland.

Read some of the facts about traveling, holidays or vacations make you healthier:

To Relieve Stress: Many types of research have shown us that vacations to new places are extremely significant in handling stress built up due to workload and boring life. Quality traveling time reduces stress and rejuvenate your mind and body. Read research here:

For Happiness and Satisfaction: There will be the frustration of repeating same old routine and you can’t get satisfied with your routine life only. You need a break to explore something new, satisfying, and pleasing. Holidays are the best way to get rid of your boring life and to do something exciting. Traveling is a great learning experience to do things for yourself and your loved ones.

For Handling Depression: Life has its funny ways to throw you into depression, hectic work schedule and boring lifestyle are enough to get you in this situation. The best way to handle it is to distance yourself from work for a while and enjoy a trip to a new country.

To Reinvent Yourself: When you travel to a new country you find new learnings in life. Different culture, different thinking, and new ways of everything will help you realize how things can turn out to be at new places. It helps you to explore your hidden abilities to deal with new people and places.

Holiday trip, vacation, and traveling are always fun to do but sometimes it is difficult to find the time for traveling. If you are unable to find the time, try to use weekends, holiday breaks, use work trips, and make traveling a priority.

Stay tune for more travel and holiday blog posts!!

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