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Understand How Car Rental Insurance Works

car rental insurance

It is established that availing car rental services for your trip or on a vacation is one of the best ways to travel. It offers a lot of comfort and flexibility which makes you have a fulfilling experience of the journey.

Everything is a cakewalk until the time you encounter a problem. And, everything comes crashing down if you meet with an accident or there are some damages and you do not have insurance cover signed with your car hire company to back you up.

This emphasizes how important it is for you to always make rental car insurance a priority when you sign the terms and conditions with your car rental services. Next, is to understand what each of the types of car rental insurance policies has to offer and what does it mean. In this blog, we discuss the standard terms, policies offered by most car rental companies in a way that it helps you to make a confirmed decision.

The Types of Car Rental Insurance

Enlisted here are the most common types of insurance policies that a car rental company would be willing to offer you. It is important to verify whether the stated insurance policy is included by the car rental service providers by default or whether you have to buy it.

In most cases, there is certain insurance that exists as soon as you rent a car but if you are willing to buy extra protection, that is offered too.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This insurance is applicable when you meet in a car accident with your rental car and any damage is caused to the vehicle. Most companies include this insurance in their rental charges. You only have to pay the car hire excess insurance. 

It is important to note that you shall not be protected by the CDW in case there is any damage to the bodywork of the car if you were illegally parked, caught speeding, smoking, drunk-driving, was under influence of drugs, or there is any deliberate attempt on your part to cause the damage.

Moreover, not every part of the car is included under the CDW. The CDW does not cover damages of the interior, windshield cracks, tires, wheels, and interior accessories. You have to pay for the damage completely if there is no additional loss damage waiver to support you.

CDW is likely to vary on the basis of the location and car group and the subsequent excess amount is thus calculated.

Many car rental companies also offer a comprehensive policy called the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) if you are willing to pay some additional fees. This insurance does not cover the interior damage or tires but it reduces your liability substantially.

Most companies with franchises allow you to avail of the credit card coverage or make payment with a debit card.

Theft Protection (TP)

This insurance covers the renter in case the rented car/vehicle is stolen or any damage occurs in an attempt to steal when it is not under the control or fault or the person who has rented the car.

This insurance however will not offer protection in the case when the driver has left the keys to the ignition, driving in a country/area that is not cleared for the vehicle, lost the keys or remote control, and registration certificate of the car. You will have to pay back the sum in such a case.

You should carefully read the terms of this policy at the time of signing the agreement.

Third-Party Liability (TPL/TPI)

This type of insurance is compulsory by law and almost all auto insurance for car rentals cover it. But, in addition to this, you can opt for supplementary liability insurance (SLI). This covers the external damage to the rented vehicle, third-party bodily injury, and also compensates for any damage caused by your rented vehicle.

TPL covers the responsibility of the driver in the damages that it may cause to the properties of others, but not to the rental vehicle. It goes unsaid that any damage caused intentionally in road-rage, under influence of alcohol or narcotics is not covered even with this supplemental liability.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

This type of insurance is also called the “Occupant insurance” and it covers the damage or death in case of an accident. It helps you pay for the hospital fees if a passenger is injured in such a case. This is a prevalent insurance policy all over Canada and the USA. Sometimes this insurance also covers the theft of personal luggage in the car if it is stolen.

Ultimately when you are availing car rental services, it is necessary that you keep yourself well-protected with a suitable insurance policy of your choice. It keeps your travel safe and move about stress-free on your journey.

Always be careful about the conditions laid down by the car rental company you are opting for and also read about the rules and regulations of the particular country you are traveling in. Treat the car well as you would love to receive as it would be used by others after you.

Ensure that you inform the agency immediately in case of a problem and closely co-operate with them for your own benefit when you are hiring a car.

Fuel Policy of Car Rental Companies

Car rental Fuel Policy

Traveling becomes extremely convenient in another country or on a vacation when you avail of the car rental services. The perks of making your vacation flexible by choosing between flights and driving the car by yourself can be accomplished intermittently. You can give yourself the freedom to plan the itinerary without any restrictions and the burden of having to navigate your way to and from your home.

While car rental comes with a great set of advantages, you can only be benefited if you choose all the right aspects that only reliable car hire companies offer. There is an ocean of options to choose from and only a few that are the best and may fulfill your search for the best car rental company.

One of the prominent things to look for when choosing car rental is the Fuel policy.

What is Fuel policy?

It goes unsaid that your car needs fuel while you carry out a lot of driving on your road trip. So, every car rental company lays down certain fuel policies or offers you options to choose from. These are the terms and conditions that bring the car rental company and the customer on the same page about fuelling options.

The Types of Fuel Policies offered by Car Rental Companies:

Depending on the country and their choice, most car rental companies would be offering one of the following policies for fuel or an option to choose one of them. 

Let us discuss what these policies entail and the benefits/disadvantages of each. At the end of this, you shall be able to make a decision to choose the best option when you hire a car.


This is the most ideal and often preferred by most regular travelers when they opt for car rental services. Under this policy, when you pick up the car, you are presented with a full tank of fuel and in return, it is expected that you return or drop the car with a full tank.

Now, the pros of this policy are that you are ultimately only paying for the amount of fuel you have utilized. Also, there is no hassle at the beginning of your journey as you can easily travel with a completely full tank.

There is no trick in it that would deceive you. On the flip side, if you are careless and do not return the car with a full tank, you might have to face a penalty. Not only would you have to pay for the fuel, but there is also an additional refueling charge which is for the service.

It is advisable that you always fill the tank just before dropping off the car and preserve the receipt for quite a while. Some people avoid this policy as they feel that it can be difficult to find a gas station before dropping off the rental car.

However, this is one of the best fuel policies you can expect for car rental services.


In this type of policy, you receive the car with a tank full. You have to pay for the fuel of the full tank, plus the refuelling fees. The car rental company will refund for any unused fuel later after you drop your car. 

In this case, the benefit is that you do not have to worry about finding a gas station and can easily drop off the car after use.

But, as a con, you are paying additional fees to the car rental company for their refuelling service. Moreover, you might have to keep following up for the refund if it is not a reliable rental company or you are not refunded the very instant you return the car.

You can explore the various options offered by the car rental company on their official website as it can either be a pre-purchase partial refund or full refund policy.


This policy is for those who want to avoid all the hassle surrounding the fuel left in the tank or getting it refilled, etc. Under this policy, you are given a car that has a tank full and you can drive it endlessly and return it empty. You are charged for the full tank.

This policy can be tricky as you can benefit from it only if you are sure that you are going to cover a distance long enough to require a full tank of fuel or close enough that you are not overpaying for the fuel.

There is no money refunded to you for the fuel left in the tank at the time you drop off the car. So, this policy is definitely not for all

Free Tank

This is the ultimate deal you can ask for and it is like a God sent policy. Under this fuel policy, you are not at all charged for the fuel. It might sound astounding but this is a prevalent practice in many countries. While the rental cost might be slightly higher than usual, it is definitely lesser than what your expense would be had you to pay for the fuel also.

In case a car rental offers you such a deal, do not grab it instantly. Be careful that the quality of the car is good. Check for the reviews and ratings by other customers online. Although a free tank does not mean that you are certainly going to be duped, it’s always good to be assured.


Sometimes a car rental company might ask you to lock a certain amount on your credit card as a matter of their safety. This is a normal case as this money is withheld until the company checks the fuel level in the tank at the time of return.

Choosing the wrong fuel policy for a car rental can turn the entire budget of your trip. Making a smart choice can help you save a lot. And, a wrong decision can take you downhill and you might end up paying much more.

So, the next time you are hiring a car rental, do read between the fine lines of the Fuel Policy and save big time.

Car Rental: A Smart Choice for Travelling During the Pandemic

Car Rental: A Smart Choice

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit on a global level making life difficult for all and its been a while since the only way to be safe was by staying home. But, slowly and steadily the situation has become manageable and people are making peace with the new normal by wearing face-covering/ face masks, using hand sanitisers, maintaining social distancing, etc.

These trying times have taught us that no matter what, traveling remains a vital part of our lives. There are many reasons for going from place A to B. But, during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary that you choose the safest option to travel.

Ideally, a substantial number of people opt for car rental services. Yet, there are almost equal, if not less, the number of people dependable on public transports. Given the situation, opting for local or public transport is the biggest risk. The reason being it involves a lot of high touch areas like door handles and no amount of washing your hands can keep you safe if you are traveling a certain distance with other people

Reasons Why Car Rental is the Best Option

There are a number of reasons why a road trip and to hire a car is the best decision you could make in this pandemic for moving between places. Enlisted here are a few of the important ones:

Minimal Contact:

Since the primary way in which coronavirus is spread is through human contact, by cough, spit, etc, the best way is to reduce the number of people you come across during your journey. If you travel through local transport, you cannot be sure about the hygiene of other passengers and whether they are carriers. 

When you rent a car with a trusted company like AddCar Rental and decide to self-drive it, you automatically ensure your safety by manifolds. You travel with the members of your choice or even solo and implement the necessary practices like using hand sanitizer. You can even use disinfectant wipes to clean the steering wheel. That’s the benefit when you hire a car. You get to set your own rules.

Suits your Needs:

Once you make the pickup, it is up to you to decide how you want to move forward on your journey ensuring your safety. You can decide when to take a halt or drive non-stop. This is the biggest benefit of car rental services. You can even choose the type of car without having to compromise based on the number of people you are traveling with and the luggage you wish to carry. Any sudden change in travel plans will not burn a hole in your pocket. You are allowed to be spontaneous free of charge.

Comfort & Peace

A car rental company can offer you both physical and mental comfort. Traveling in a shared space with strangers in a pandemic like Coronavirus can get anybody really anxious. A clean and regularly sanitized car rental will relieve you of this stress. Not to mention the simple joys of controlling the air conditioner temperature, volume of music, and short tea breaks that make the journey worthwhile. There are a hundred things that the current scenario can get you worried about. The peaceful travel can rejuvenate your mind.


Renting a Car is a financially smart & supportive decision you can make. You get to decide the number of passengers, the luggage you carry, and all of this in the comfort of the car of your size. You also get to plan your own itinerary without having to depend on anyone. You can rent a car right off from the airport and explore the whole city without spending all the extra money on bus tours. You can cover as many sites and places you want to visit without any restrictions. This is indirectly great optimization of your time & money. If you are a vacation planner, pre-booking with car rental services can help you save even more than expected


These uncertain times call for unprecedented measures. If you are looking for a car rental company, it should be the one you trust. You can discuss all the details about pick up and drop off for your rented car. The process the agency follows for ensuring that your rented car is fully sanitized. Also, matters of extended subscription in case of emergencies must be discussed beforehand. Most car rental companies are willing to offer insurance. One must also look into the details of what is covered under it. Before you make a booking, be aware about the cancellation and refund charges.


It is necessary to understand that these are trying times for both the customers as well as the car rental companies and only co-operation and equal efforts can help us emerge out of the crisis. There is no denying the fact that you must expect your rental car to be handed to you in the safest of conditions. But, it is also necessary that you act responsibly and take all the necessary measures for your personal safety as well as that of others. With all these benefits undoubtedly availing car rental services is the best choice during this coronavirus Covid-19 global pandemic. Stay safe and we wish you a happy traveling experience.

Road Trip Essential in the “New Normal” Era

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has lasted for quite some time and we do see little hope at the end of the tunnel with vaccines being developed and medications showing its effect.  

Covid-19 crisis has brought humanity together on a global level and some safety measures like social-physical distancing, wearing a mask, frequently using sanitizers, and washing hands have become the new normal.

While it has brought down many sectors economically, the biggest one to take the hit is the travel industry. Yet, as everything around the world is opening and people are willing to live life the “new normal” way,  the travel demand is also slowly picking up pace.

This short term dip in the expenses you might have to bear is an actually good idea for a different traveling experience. However, we cannot emphasize enough that you must take all the care and precautions to keep yourself safe.

While you might be skeptical about international travel, there is a lot you can explore in your own country. Oh!, the fun you can have on a road trip!

Not only it is the safest option, its the best way to travel on a vacation with family & friends. So, keeping in mind how important it is to have all your essentials in place, We the experts for a road trip, AddCar Rental bring to you the perfect checklist which will ensure you leave nothing behind to have the best traveling experience.

Road Trip Essentials

addCar Rental: Covid-19 Updates on Car Rental

The world is struck by the pandemic spread by Coronavirus and it has created havoc. People around the world are shaken by the loss of their dear ones. This has resulted in many travel restrictions being imposed. Traveling via local transport or even taking a flight has become a risky affair. The best option today is to rent a car with car rental services that are committed to maintaining rigorous cleaning protocols including deep cleaning of the vehicle after every return of the car and sanitizing it with a disinfectant.

With more countries loosening the lockdown rules and welcoming travelers, we at addCar Rental services look forward to serving you in the best possible way. Whether you are stuck at a place and want to return home in a safe way or simply want to travel, AddCar Rental is here to make your travel free of worry & safe. Many people are eyeing to travel domestically or nearby locations by renting a car which is a very wise thing to do.

Reasons Why Renting a Car is the Smartest Choice amid Coronavirus pandemic:

If you are deliberating on various options you can take for traveling amidst Covid-19, then the obvious choice should be hiring a car. Enlisted here are some of the reasons why it is better to opt for car rental instead of booking a flight or any other mode of transport.

  • Principally Coronavirus transmits from person to person or touching surfaces that are infected by a carrier. Traveling by renting a car is automatically limiting the number of people you come in close contact with.
  • You will be spending all the time during the journey only with your chosen set of people or even alone and ensure frequently sanitizing touchable surfaces and also that people you are traveling with are healthy and take all the necessary precautions.
  • No time is wasted in documents verification, passports, visas, spending time in waiting to board a flight, etc. Also, it significantly reduces the people you come in contact with for completing the formalities
  • It is logical to believe that chances of cleaning & sanitizing a car are far better than expecting a plane or train to be clean.

Precautions by AddCar Rental before handing out a Car on Rent:

addCar Rental holds the hygiene of our customers as a priority today and every day. We are extra cautious owing to the difficulties due to the pandemic that our customers are facing. Here’s everything we do to make your ride protected and simpler

  • addCar Rental instructs all its employees to follow cleaning guidance set to the T after every rented car is handed in and before giving the keys to the next customer.
  • We accept online payments for all our rental bookings.
  • The standard procedure of temperature checking of all the passengers using the car and employees id carried out.
  • We maintain a record of every customer who has used our rental services and would adhere to immediately isolate/quarantine any vehicle if the need arises.
  • Our 24*7 helpline is always available in case of any issues arising during the journey.
  • In case you have to cancel a booking made previously, our policy still stands and we allow cancellation with a refund.
  • If you wish to extend the booking of your car due to unprecedented circumstances, we allow and help you with the same.
  • The list of surfaces we take maximum care to be sanitized before every car rental:
    • Key and key fob
    • The center console
    • The dashboard
    • Steering wheel
    • Cupholders and compartment
    • Seat surfaces and pockets
    • Areas between the seat and console
    • Door-jambs
    • Instrument panels
    • All interior and exterior door handles
    • Mirrors
    • The latch on the car’s trunk
    • The gas cap
  • Besides all of these precautions, we request our clients to ensure their safety and maintain proper hygiene standards during their use of the vehicle as it shall be further shared. Avoid touching your face at any point in time and keep a sanitizer handy throughout your traveling span.

We are all in this together. And, even during the pandemic days, we are committed to providing the best possible services for our dear customers. With co-operation, we can all try to be aligned with the “new normal” until finally a vaccine is available.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Plan Your Perfect Vacation In Exotic Macedonia

Plan Your Perfect Vacation In Exotic Macedonia

Vacations these days are a perfect escape from stress or boredom we experience in daily lives. With the change in lifestyle, today’s tourists have different expectations when they plan a vacation. There has to be relaxation, adventure, comfort, picturesque locations all packaged in a single trip. 

While this demand has ascended, people are also looking for places that add value or quality to their lives. It’s no more just about looking at monuments or places only. They also love to visit off-beat places that garner experience. More and more people are opting for car rental services to explore the city or country on their own. They have begun to realize that taking the road less traveled might give you an awesome experience of a lifetime with friends and family.

Experience Macedonia Like Never Before:

So, What do you dream of in your perfect vacation?

What if you are promised a place with a rich amalgamation of both cultural and natural treasures. You’d definitely grab the tickets for the flight, right? Well, that’s exactly what Macedonia has in store to offer to you. 

Macedonia is regarded as Europe’s hidden treasure that not many have taken the opportunity to explore. It has a touch of the western world, yet, it has proudly preserved its heritage too. There’s the influence of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and the Albanian culture combined. Macedonia is a landlocked country that has superior natural beauty. 

It’s only reasonable that most people prefer renting a car in Macedonia for their entire trip. There’s everything ranging from the canyon to the lake with crystal clear waters, and churches to painted mosques. You need time to take it all in. Macedonia also surprises you with delicious scrumptious meals to savour on.

Places To Un-miss On Your Macedonian Trip:


Alexander statue in Skopje center

The Republic of Macedonia has Skopje as its capital city. If you are an international traveller, you will mostly be commencing your vacation in Macedonia at the Skopje airport. When in Skopje, you can simply cross the old stone bridge to transport to the old Ottoman empire bazaar feels. The sprouting fountains all across the city will surely catch your attention intermittently. You must be ready to sync in the unique pace that the city runs on. Another spot to cover is the Skopje Fortress that you mustn’t leave.

The Ohrid Lake:

Ohrid Lake

Most people already know that Lake Ohrid is associated with the church of St. John at Kaneo. While that is definitely true, there is so much more in this lakeside town. There are many other villages on the lakeside. So, simply get in a boat and cruising in the lake. Oh! The Instagrammable pictures that you can click at the picturesque locations in and about the Ohrid lake are going to be many.

The Matka Canyon:

The Matka Canyon

The Matka Canyon visit for a day is a great attraction among everyone who visits Macedonia as it has 10 caves and beautiful rock formations and crevices in the middle of calm waters. Not only this, there are three churches, namely: 

  • The Monastery of St. Andrew
  • The Monastery of St. Nicholas Shishovski
  • The Matka Monastery

Mavrovo National Park:

Ruined Church St. Nicholas

While there are many national parks in Macedonia, Mavrovo stands as the largest one. Mavrovo is the home of the country’s largest artificial lake. Also, the park will feed your adventurous enthusiasm as throughout the year you can trek, kayak, ski, go horse riding or go mountain biking here. You can indulge in the scenic beauty at the country’s highest peak when visiting the Mavrovo park.


Clock Tower of Bitola

This Ottoman town deserves your time to visit the relaxing Turkish baths and famous mosques like Jeni Mosque, and Isak Beg Mosque. You would definitely feel the leisure as you enjoy your brunch or snacks at the cafes on the Širok Sokak which is a wide street that’s often busy. It gives you a feel of how a day is in the lives of the people of Bitola.


Stobi Theater

This a famous archaeological site in the whole of Macedonia. You can reach the site with an easy drive from Skopje with a car rental in Macedonia. Stobi has a very strategic location i.e. on the Roman trading route from the Danube river in Serbia to the Aegean sea in Greece. This site is a sneak peek into the commerce and culture prevalent at that time in history.

Hire from the best car rental company in Macedonia

You must have been spending hours on the internet searching for all kinds of car rental services and comparing prices of many economy cars, car models, and trying hard to save money by examining various car companies. 

Well, your woes are now over. You can now simply book a rental car with “AddCar Rental” to travel anywhere in Macedonia. Simply use your credit card or any other online payment method and sit back, relax. Not only is it simple, but there are also many other perks that you enjoy with AddCar services.

  • Theft, collision, and damage insurance.
  • 24/7 road service.
  • Car replacement in case of accident/theft.
  • Best in class cars with the fire extinguisher, ABS, and first aid kits for your safety.
  • Optional Child seat and GPS on rent.
  • Third-party liability.
  • Rental car across all major countries in Europe and North America

So, quit your qualms and book your car for an unforgettable and long-awaited trip to Europe, Macedonia.

Visit the most enchanting places in Malta

enchanting places in Malta

Travelling sets you free. You realise how much more there is to explore in the world, and how little we know. When you decide to travel to Southern Europe, one place that you must not miss is “Malta”. The serene country Malta is as picturesque as it can get, and it holds an unforgettable sight out of the window when you wake up each morning in Malta.

Malta has for long been at the top of tourist attractions with its rich heritage, peaceful hilltops, busy fishing villages, and valour of the kings and knights who shaped this place. Visiting Malta in the seasons of spring and autumn is highly recommended. Even in summers, the country is observed to be full of fervour with the ongoing festivities and concerts all around. 

The Maltese island is the combo of Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is a place that has got a little something for everyone. Whether you are an adventure freak, a historical geek, or just want to soak in the sun by the pristine water at the beaches, it’s got a place for you. You can simply avail of car rental services and get exploring in this beautiful country.

Pre-requisites To Travel In Malta

The country Malta is very welcoming. All you need is a valid “Schengen visa” to enter Malta. Besides, if you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia you can spend quality 90 days here. Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa to visit. Despite being an island, Malta has an international airport. This makes it very accessible.

One might opt for the local transport but it takes forever to get to a place which is as close as 4.5 km from Mdina to Rabat. So, the most ideal and flexible way to travel places would be to contact a car rental company.  A hired car will save a lot of your time and will not dictate you to follow the bus schedules. Moreover, you can simply make the payment online or by credit cards or debit cards which saves you the fuss of carrying cash or converting money in Euros.

Where To Head When In Malta?

Once you are sorted about how to travel, the next thought is where to travel to? While there can be an inexhaustible list of places to visit in Malta, here is a list of places you should definitely cover in your itinerary:


Valetta, Malta

The aptest capital city Valetta is strategic and compelling to visit place in Malta. You will be surprised by the grandeur you will discover at the end of narrow lanes. The most famous St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a testimony of the past of Malta. This astoundingly beautiful church was built in the 16th-century by years of co-effort by knights from France, Spain, and Italy. The intricacies and lavish interiors of art in thin gold are inviting for tourists. You must definitely make it a point to visit the oratory that has among two of the best paintings in history. Malta is equally modernized as historic it is.


Mdina Gate, Malta

The ancient capital of Malta is also famous as the silent city. The town is fortified and a unique mix of medieval and baroque architecture. When in Mdina you can cover the following places:

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The National Museum of Natural History
  • Norman House
  • National Aquarium

If that isn’t enough to excite you, the main gate that is the gateway to this city was used for shooting the famous “Game Of Thrones” episode-3, season-1 (Lord Snow).

Island Of Gozo:

Azure Window,Malta

A shift from the historical beauty, the idyllic island of Gozo is relaxing from the very sight of the blue and sun-kissed beaches. Needless to mention the fun activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and swimming in the clear waters at the beaches. Not just the beaches, you can visit the “Ggantija temple” which are older than the “Pyramids of Egypt” that are dated to 3,500 BC. The island is also famous for the “Azure Window” which is a natural wonder. This site also featured in GoT for the wedding of Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s wedding. Whether a fan of the series or not, you will surely become a fan of this serene place.

Comino Island- Blue Lagoon:

Comino Island, Malta

If you are looking for a day trip in the most heavenly place that has crystal clear waters over the white seabed, then the only place for you is the Bue Lagoon. The small and perfect Comino island is located between Gozo and Malta. You must definitely add this to your vacation list in Malta. Get driving along the lagoon with your car rental in Malta.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum:

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

This is a cult site of the neolithic period. For preservation, they allow only 10 visitors in an hour. So, it is important that you pre-book your visit. This site is extremely special and is declared as UNESCO listed archaeological site. This three-storeyed site is carved with rock tools and built-in limestone. It has passages and stairways leading you into the cultural mindset of people in the pre-historic era.

The ones stated here are only the highlights of the wondrous places you will come across in Malta. Your list on the trip to Malta must be inclusive of all these places. There is much in a store like the Blue Grotto, the eye-pleasing golden Bay, the exciting nightlife in St. Julian, Dingli Cliffs, and the Popeye’s Village in Malta. The blissful sight of fishing boats parked at the grand harbour is an unintended gift of renting a car on your travel in Malta.

So, the next time you think of relaxed vacation, you can contact the reliable car rental services in Malta – Addcar Rental. They have years of experience in catering to trips for solo, couple and group travels. You will most certainly have a never like before experience in Malta.

Explore the Most Stunning Places in Montenegro


“Travel opens your Heart, Broadens your Mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”

-Paula Bendfeldt

Travelling is an experience that one must definitely go through first-hand. It is a feeling that cannot be explained or expressed in words. Regardless of where you travel to or who you travel with, it is something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

When you travel, you also learn and grow. It humbles you, as you realize what tiny little space you occupy on this vast planet. There are so many places, cultures and civilizations to know about, that one lifetime is too little a time. So, while there is a time in hand and there isn’t a rule at what age you can travel, you might as well start with a bucket list of places to visit and start fulfilling it.

One of the most beautiful continents, when you think about travelling, is Europe. It is highly progressive and has various countries and cities to be explored. One of the major countries in Europe which fill the hearts of all nature lovers, adventure minds, and the laid back ones, is Montenegro.

The tiny little Balkan nation in Europe, Montenegro is a traveller’s dream. With astounding landscapes and a fusion of picturesque sights of the land and the sea, Montenegro does not fail to satiate the Wanderlust of its visitors.

It is a wondrous country with a vibe of old school architecture and the amenities of today. You will definitely find something to do each day while you spend quality time vacationing in Montenegro.

So while you are planning for your next trip, and are all set with your car rental and places to stay, we bring to you the ultimate list of best places that you must not give a miss on your trip to Montenegro.

Everything you need to see in Montenegro

Montenegro is gifted with sandy beaches due to the Adriatic coast and mountain ranges that have the perfect setting like the wallpapers on your desktop. There is an abundance of natural beauty that you can dive deep into. Enlisted here are spots that must definitely make it to your list.

The Ostrog monastery

Ostrog monastery, Montenegro

Imagine an architectural marvel of a monastery that is carved out in a cliff! This is exactly what the Ostrog monastery is about. It is an awe-inspiring structure as the construction baffles visitors even today. It is impossible to understand how the upper monastery was built in an era with hardly any technology in the two caves. It is home to the fresco form of paintings and a church. It has cultural importance as during the 17th century Ottoman empire, people took refuge there.

Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera, Montenegro
Budva Riviera, Montenegro

A town that is nearly 2,500 years old, has a serene coastline and beaches where one would love to spend hours sunbathing. The experience of walking to the beach through the streets of the old city is an experience in itself that you would not forget a lifetime. It is relaxing and will transport you to a different world. If you want to enjoy the bliss along the Montenegrin coast on a splendid staycation, Budva is the place for you. 


Kotor, Montenegro

House to the UNESCO world heritage site the bay of Kotor is a site you must definitely spend substantial time at. Your itinerary for Kotor must include the following:

  • A trek to Mount Lovćen
  • Visit the Sea Gate
  • A dip in the Blue Grotto
  • A stop at Lady of the rocks
  • An experience of Kotor nights in cafes and bars

Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon, Montenegro

This 1,300 m deep canyon is a treat for all the adventurers, sea-food indulgent, and a  visual treat to the nature lovers. It is located within the Durmitor national park. It is open for white water rafting, zip-lining, canyoneering, and canyon jeep safaris. You will have a wonderful time spent in the lap of nature that is filled with activities. This plummeting canyon has the perfect views of the highest peaks for nature photographers.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

This place has a beautiful Mediterranean climate that will draw you to take a dip in the waters comfortably for 5 months. Those are the months of summer.  You can spend a delightful time along the pebble beaches in the sanctity of the turquoise blue waters. This small town at the foot of Mt. Orjen is the entry point of the Bay of Kotor. You can rent a car to get around and enjoy it. It is identified by the abundance of signature mimosa trees. There is a festival called Praznik Mimosa organized towards the end of January when the entire town turns fragrant.

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar, Montenegro

Located at 7 km from the Adriatic sea, this lake is among the largest national parks in Montenegro. It is at the border with Albania. The flora and fauna in and around this lake are like that of a vision of the imagination. The folk tale has it that this lake was a result of the tears of a pixie. A little magical touch is always exciting.

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addCar Rental Services Franchise

AddCar rental Services Franchise

addCar rental Franchise now Available in the USA, Europe, and Africa.

We are expanding. Come, be a part of it and let’s grow together.

Kristian Kirchheiner,
CEO and Founder.
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addCar rental is running successfully for 15 years and has catered to thousands of clients all across Europe,  America, and Africa. We are now set to spread wings further. With this, addCar brings to you the opportunity to work the smart way. We extend our unrivalled technology and the established network that is tried and tested for our franchise holders.

The tourism industry is flourishing all over the globe. Besides, people are looking for more reliable and safer options when they are travelling outside their own city or country. By providing the best services, we hope to create a successful business and co-exist with the progress of those who partner with us.

At addCar we aim to provide the highest standards of customer service. Therefore, we hope to join hands with entrepreneurs who wish to invest an equal amount of time and money or local car rental service providers with the same vision. With addCar’s franchise, you receive relentless support in the revenue management system, IT and sales management, and training services. 

With the major advantage of using the brand name of addCar, you also get access to brokers and the OTA (Online Travel Agents). Not only do you receive the setup in the reservation system, but there is also assistance provided for rates management, quality maintenance, and a robust help desk.

At present, we have openings in the following countries:

  • USA
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Scandinavia
  • Far East

Feel free to contact us if your location is not on the list

A new venture calls for great guidance and experience. In order to help you polish your skills and emerge in a fruitful business, addCar lends you the most helpful hand of dynamic business experts. They have been in the business for long and know what the customers expect. We help you deliver just that.

Everything has turned on a digital platform today. We keep up with the latest technology and work towards customer service excellence. Being a part of addCar you can rest assured of being at par with the latest development of the business keeping you in the forefront of driving business.

With us, you get the advantage of working on an international commercial platform along with maintaining the independent working of your business with support. We have a very organized process for our franchise and the approval along with legal documentation is completed in around a month. 

When it comes to obligations or restrictions, we believe in transparency and all our requirements are mentioned beforehand. The contract period is also for the long term with extendable options.

Why should you join our franchise is an obvious question that arises in your mind. The answer is simple. Our functioning, our methods are tried and tested. We have customers. They are the prominent advocates and testimony for what we can achieve as a car rental service.

With us, you have a partner who understands the business and can help you in its successful operation. If you have the passion and persistence, you can be successful in your business with addCar Rental.

So, contact us today with a simple mail at specifying your contact details, name of your company and the country where you want to work as a franchise for addCar  Rental services. 

Another benchmark achieved by addCar Rental

benchmark achieved by addCar Rental

Being appreciated is a great feeling in itself. And, we are glad to share it with you that addCar Rental is now a proud recipient of the “Excellent Car Rental Service Award” that is presented by the renowned “Discover car hire”. What’s even more delightful is that this award is a result of valuable rental experience feedback from our customers given after the drop-off.

This award is presented to those suppliers who have received on average the rating of 8/10 or higher only by a sufficient number of customers. It’s competitive and therefore a big success. This award is a testimony and recognition of the services we try to provide relentlessly to all our customers.

Only after validating the superior quality of services both online and offline this award can be achieved. addCar Rental has a vision. It is to provide the best in class services with complete comfort for our customers. We get to be a part of people’s journeys, vacations and trips at many spectacular locations in Europe and around the world and you can avail of our services right from the airport.

We try to bring to you the most flexible options to hire a car at the most affordable prices. Being the customer’s favourite and building a loyal client base has now become our habit that we shall continue to maintain.

Here are some services that we bring in the light of customer-centricity:

  • A very easy and steadfast process of renting a car
  • A wide range of car options of every size based on your utility to choose from
  • Most competitive rental rates
  • Office at the most accessible locations from the airport in all prime locations in Europe
  • High quality of customer support and service
  • Attractive car rental discounts and deals for you to have a Happy Weekend.

We extend our gratitude and congratulations to our colleagues at Varna Airport (VAR), Kefalonia Airport (EFL) and Corfu Airport whose efforts and kind services have helped us achieve this insignia for the best car rental services. This is a milestone. But, we don’t stop right here. We at addCar Rental are motivated to be at the top as a renowned agency at every location where our services are present.

We would also like to thank Discover Cars as it’s been a pleasure to cater to our mutual customers.

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