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addCar Rental: Covid-19 Updates on Car Rental

The world is struck by the pandemic spread by Coronavirus and it has created havoc. People around the world are shaken by the loss of their dear ones. This has resulted in many travel restrictions being imposed. Traveling via local transport or even taking a flight has become a risky affair. The best option today is to rent a car with car rental services that are committed to maintaining rigorous cleaning protocols including deep cleaning of the vehicle after every return of the car and sanitizing it with a disinfectant.

With more countries loosening the lockdown rules and welcoming travelers, we at addCar Rental services look forward to serving you in the best possible way. Whether you are stuck at a place and want to return home in a safe way or simply want to travel, AddCar Rental is here to make your travel free of worry & safe. Many people are eyeing to travel domestically or nearby locations by renting a car which is a very wise thing to do.

Reasons Why Renting a Car is the Smartest Choice amid Coronavirus pandemic:

If you are deliberating on various options you can take for traveling amidst Covid-19, then the obvious choice should be hiring a car. Enlisted here are some of the reasons why it is better to opt for car rental instead of booking a flight or any other mode of transport.

  • Principally Coronavirus transmits from person to person or touching surfaces that are infected by a carrier. Traveling by renting a car is automatically limiting the number of people you come in close contact with.
  • You will be spending all the time during the journey only with your chosen set of people or even alone and ensure frequently sanitizing touchable surfaces and also that people you are traveling with are healthy and take all the necessary precautions.
  • No time is wasted in documents verification, passports, visas, spending time in waiting to board a flight, etc. Also, it significantly reduces the people you come in contact with for completing the formalities
  • It is logical to believe that chances of cleaning & sanitizing a car are far better than expecting a plane or train to be clean.

Precautions by AddCar Rental before handing out a Car on Rent:

addCar Rental holds the hygiene of our customers as a priority today and every day. We are extra cautious owing to the difficulties due to the pandemic that our customers are facing. Here’s everything we do to make your ride protected and simpler

  • addCar Rental instructs all its employees to follow cleaning guidance set to the T after every rented car is handed in and before giving the keys to the next customer.
  • We accept online payments for all our rental bookings.
  • The standard procedure of temperature checking of all the passengers using the car and employees id carried out.
  • We maintain a record of every customer who has used our rental services and would adhere to immediately isolate/quarantine any vehicle if the need arises.
  • Our 24*7 helpline is always available in case of any issues arising during the journey.
  • In case you have to cancel a booking made previously, our policy still stands and we allow cancellation with a refund.
  • If you wish to extend the booking of your car due to unprecedented circumstances, we allow and help you with the same.
  • The list of surfaces we take maximum care to be sanitized before every car rental:
    • Key and key fob
    • The center console
    • The dashboard
    • Steering wheel
    • Cupholders and compartment
    • Seat surfaces and pockets
    • Areas between the seat and console
    • Door-jambs
    • Instrument panels
    • All interior and exterior door handles
    • Mirrors
    • The latch on the car’s trunk
    • The gas cap
  • Besides all of these precautions, we request our clients to ensure their safety and maintain proper hygiene standards during their use of the vehicle as it shall be further shared. Avoid touching your face at any point in time and keep a sanitizer handy throughout your traveling span.

We are all in this together. And, even during the pandemic days, we are committed to providing the best possible services for our dear customers. With co-operation, we can all try to be aligned with the “new normal” until finally a vaccine is available.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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