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3 Travel Experiences You Just Can’t Miss When in Riga, Latvia!

car rental in Riga, Latvia

Latvia’s beautiful capital city, Riga, beckons one to come and revel in its immersive and timeless culture. This buzzing metropolis not only has a mesmerizing history and architecture to offer to its tourists, but it also exudes the vibrant aura of any young, energetic city with its upbeat restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

If you’ve decided to pay this stunning city a visit, there are a couple of things you should know. First, opt for a car rental Riga to make your exploration of the city convenient. With a cheap car hire Riga, you’ll be able to go anywhere and do anything as and how you like. Have a car rented right from Riga international airport itself, as soon as you arrive. Second, you should know some key adventures that you ought to experience when you are in the city. Here, we take a look at few of the finest travel experiences that you must enjoy when you’re in Riga:

1. Soak in the Architectural Beauty of the Place

Your trip to Riga remains incomplete until you’ve taken the time to discover all the spectacular architectural beauty of the city. The architecture of the city will particularly delight the passionate photographers, since there is so much beauty spread around to capture! The lovely wooden buildings and picturesque houses here will stop you in your tracks. The overall architecture of the city offers glimpses of Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Gothic styles. As you go from one end of the city to another in your car rental Riga, you’ll keep finding something new and exciting in the city’s architecture.

2. Take a Stroll in Riga Central Market

Whether you have a shopping list or not, a visit to the Riga Central Market is a must either way. After all, it is the largest market in Europe. This market has everything, from local specialties to foreign imports. The place is no less than a paradise for food lovers. From fruits, dairy and vegetables to fish, spices and meat products, Riga Central Market is a wonderland of food in its own right.

3. Feel Peaceful at St Peter’s Church

If you have time to visit only one church out of the several churches in Riga, choose St Peter’s church. The spire of the church is the highlight feature of the city’s skyline. While the church’s interior spells grandeur and splendor, the church’s tower affords magnificent views of the city outside. The church also holds temporary art exhibitions sometimes that you can enjoy.

So, these are just some of the many wonderful travel experiences that one can enjoy in Riga. Get started with enjoying these and many more such experiences with your cheap car hire Riga.

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